Xtreme Appliances introduces new premium-line called the X-Series

Amid the new normal, Xtreme Appliances is releasing a new line of premium-quality and online-exclusive roster of products called the X-Series. The new lineup of appliances was carefully selected to provide comfort and efficiency to local consumers at affordable price tags.

The uprising brand of appliances intends the X-Series to cover the rising demand for appliances and other essential items amid a changing purchasing behavior of Filipino consumers during the pandemic.

The Xtreme Appliances X-Series line is touted to dominate the market segment for appliances with reasonable price tags and diverse range. The new lineup is aimed at facilitating convenience and practicality to numerous households. This new lineup is set to be exclusively available online via Lazada, Shopee, and www.xtreme.com.ph from December 2020 to the first quarter of 2021.


X-Series Android TV

Front-lining the lineup of the X-Series is the Xtreme 43” X-Series Android TV, a television model designed to link people closer to the world. The Xtreme X-Series Android TV is backed and supported by Google, making it more accessible and user-friendly for productive and entertaining applications. The 43-inch Full-High Definition (FHD) X-Series Android TV can connect to WiFi.

It also comes with pre-installed Google Play, YouTube, Prime Video, and Netflix. Through Google Play and an internal 8GB storage built within the TV, televiewers can easily download and enjoy countless movies, games, music, and other online multimedia platforms like Facebook, Spotify, Instagram, and TikTok. Moreover, the latest Xtreme Android TV has Bluetooth for easy file sharing as well as Chromecast that facilitates mirroring of images, audio, and motion graphics from mobiles, laptops, and tablets into the bigger screen.

Customization is another smart highlight of the new Xtreme X-Series Android TV. It facilitates the setting of a home screen based on preferred applications and programs. For defined audio and display, the Android TV has adjustable picture presets, backlight, and sound mode.

Just like the Xtreme S and V Series Smart TV lines, the X-Series comes with an IPS panel that makes the picture color and quality consistent in different angles. The multi-purpose ports like USB, HDMI, and AV were also incorporated in the TV for connecting gaming consoles and other electronics.

The Xtreme 43” X-Series Android TV costs P12,990.

Other appliances in the X-Series line

Aside from the Android TV, the X-Series also comes with Window Type airconditioners. Those come in 0.5HP and 1.0HP, and 1.0HP Split Type Air conditioners. The Window Type airconditioners can eliminate and destroy bacteria through filter equipped with Nano Silver technology. The Split Type on the other hand has Biofilter that comprises of specialized High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) and Biological enzyme. This latest innovation focuses on sterilization of fungi, germs, and microbes up to 95% and elimination of dust and dirt particles up to 99%.

The X-Series Bottom Load Water Dispenser comes with two nozzles and no-lift attribute—perfect for both commercial and household use.

For cooler and compact personal storage, the Xtreme X-Series Refrigerators in 1.8 cu ft and 3.3 cu ft are ideal for safe storage of food, drinks, and even cosmetics.

The X-Series’ Top Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine has a capacity of 7 kilograms and comes with different laundry settings, for users’ convenience.

Meanwhile, upgrade your home’s kitchen and living spaces with new Xtreme X-Series gadgets. The Xtreme X-Series Multi-cookers are versatile in making various food like rice, hot pot, porridge, viands, and even cake. They come in jar and fuzzy designs.

The Xtreme X-Series Coffee Maker is the answer to every coffee enthusiast’s daily caffeine fix.

The X-Series Hand Mixers and Stand Mixers are recommended for people who like to bake and those who are into businesses.

The X-Series Cordless Vacuum is safer, faster, and more advanced for home cleaning.