5 best features of Xtreme S Series Smart TV

(Press Release)

Nowadays, consumers are switching to a television that has multiple functions that’s why a Smart TV is becoming a sought-after piece of electronics. With its new innovation and technology, more people are buying it to get a pleasurable viewing experience and the next level of entertainment. A Smart TV can also connect the audience to the world at the comfort of their home, bringing exciting content and relevant information.

To answer the market’s growing demand, Xtreme Appliances offers Xtreme S Series Smart TV. This bestseller is reasonably priced and comes with new features like a built-in SoundBar and Wi-Fi connection. Listed down are some reasons why owning an Xtreme S Series Smart TV is a right and intelligent choice.


1. Accessibility

Since most people are staying and working at home now, updates on current events, trending topics, and personal interests are more accessible with Xtreme S Series Smart TV. A Linux-based OS device can be easily connected to the internet and get massive applications and information. Pre-installed streaming entertainment services like YouTube and Netflix are some of the major highlights of the Smart TV.


2. Interactive Features

A fast cast mode of Xtreme S Series Smart TV can easily mirror games and applications from smartphones, laptops, and various devices, giving users a better and bigger screen. Transferring and storing up to 4GB of music, images, videos, and other files are other advantages of a Smart TV.


3. Cinematic Experience

A normal LED TV comes with a default and limited picture settings that may not be sufficient on audience watch programs. Xtreme S Series Smart TV automatically delivers an ultra-high-definition picture quality with different settings depending on the watcher’s preference. The 4K IPS panel features immersive visuals and consistent picture colors from multiple angles.

4. Modern Sound Technology

Xtreme S Series Smart TV has a built-in soundbar with two 12-watt front-firing speakers by Pure Sound, offering premium acoustics and dynamic audio quality. Other sound features include audio delay, automatic audio level, and various sound preset: movie, standard, personal, music, news, and sports.


5. Sleek Design

Having an aesthetic living space is fulfillment for many families and young professionals. The Xtreme S Series Smart TV is the appliance that will perfectly complement their home. With its slim bezel and adjustable backlight, enjoy a wider screen and customized brightness while seeing high-resolution videos and motion graphics.

There are many benefits to switching to Smart TV. It has become an “IT” item to every household as it leverages on connectivity and superior quality in audio and video. Xtreme, your #OneStopShopAppliances supports the need of customers for diverse and useful appliances at the best price without limiting its quality and innovation.
The specs of Xtreme S Series Smart TV:

• UHD IPS LED display, 3840 x 2160 px
• 1.0GHz CA9 processor
Mali-400 GPU
4GB internal storage
• Speakers: 12W+12W down-firing speakers with Dolby MS12
• Digital, Analog TV systems
• WiFi, LAN,
USB 2.0, optical cable, 3x HDMI ports, AV-IN, Antenna, Line Out
• Linux OS
• 100-240V/50-60Hz
• 2 years warranty on panel, parts, and service

Available in different sizes:
65” XTREME S Series Smart TV ₱39,995
55” XTREME S Series Smart TV ₱26,995
49” XTREME S Series Smart TV ₱22,995
43” XTREME S Series Smart TV ₱15,995
32” XTREME S Series Smart TV ₱9,995