#YearOnTwitter 2020: Here are the most tweeted about in PH

People have come to Twitter for a sense of connectivity, togetherness, and encouragement in 2020. They have been using the microblogging site to change the world and help others—whether to encourage, inspire, or make them laugh. The site has also become a portal to promote favorite businesses.

As more Filipinos work from home, learn remotely, and observe social distancing, they have been creating a constant bustle of activity on Twitter, which served as a platform to connect with each other. Twitter witnessed it all more than ever this year—from sharing personal stories to spreading joy, and learning how to see the good side in things. It has also become a place for staying updated on global news, charitable causes, and social movements.

Twitter is giving us an idea about how most of its users used the website to cope and survive in the most difficult year in our lifetime.