Lifestyle News: What you need to know about yellow lane policy implementation along EDSA

Edited photo from Instagram (@semprixd)

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) claims that the strict re-implementation of the yellow lane policy along EDSA has somehow eased the usual congestion along the avenue during the first day of its implementation Monday (November 20).

According to MMDA Director for Operations Bong Nebria, it was noticeable how traffic flow went smoothly on both northbound and southbound lanes along EDSA specifically during the Monday morning rush hour. MMDA Assistant General Manager Jojo Garcia declares that this scheme has reduced travel time along the 23-kilometer highway by 30 minutes during the day.

In the previous days, MMDA released modified guidelines for all private cars and public utility vehicles (PUVs) upon the enforcement of the yellow lane rule. Based on that release, the yellow lane (which occupies the first two lanes from the sidewalk) is now exclusively designated for buses, jeepneys, UV Express, school buses, and P2P buses.

Such vehicles must not leave that lane. Loading and unloading of passengers must not be done in any point in the second lane. Instead, such public vehicles must do so in the designated loading and unloading zones in the first lane nearest the sidewalk.

Private vehicles
At the same time, all private vehicles (including Grab and Uber cars) must strictly be confined outside the yellow lane. They would be allowed to get into the yellow lane at least 100 meters ahead of the exit they are taking, if ever they would need to turn right.

To prevent any unnecessary road obstruction, the no-contact apprehension policy will be implemented. Violators will be fined P500 per violation, which would be monitored and recorded via numerous closed-circuit TVs (CCTVs) scattered across the entire stretch of EDSA (both lanes). (As of press time, over 500 drivers were monitored to have violated the policy from morning to afternoon on Monday.)

Blue (Motorcycle) lane policy
The MMDA is also conducting a two-day dry run of stricter implementation of blue lane policy along Edsa on Monday and Tuesday (November 20 and 21). By Wednesday (November 22), this will be officially and fully enforced.

The left-most lane along the avenue is now officially designated for motorcycle riders, although this is not exclusive to them as private cars can also take the same lane but with precaution so as not to compromise motorcycle riders’ safety.

Those that will need to turn right are advised to start swerving towards the yellow lane, about 100 meters from the street or road they are going to.

The no-contact apprehension policy will also apply to apprehend violators of the blue lane policy. This is obviously to avoid possible obstructions that may add to the traffic problem. Fines are also set at P500 per violation.