This is how cloud computing works and benefits businesses

(Edited Press Release)

Cloud services have grown to be more relevant in the Philippines over the years, and it’s easy to see why. Small businesses, large enterprises, and government bodies across the country have recognized the various benefits that Cloud can bring. According to a 2017 Microsoft Asia Digital Transformation Survey, 84% of Philippine business leaders saw cloud services as essential in their company’s digital transformation. The same survey showed that a majority of Philippine business leaders believe that cloud services make digital transformation more affordable for companies, regardless of the company’s size.

2017 also saw the launch of Government Cloud (GovCloud), a cloud infrastructure that provides various services for government agencies and offices. It aims to provide a complete cloud solution, helping the government reduce costs and have more efficient processes.

These show Cloud’s versatility, and how it can help both the public and private sectors acquire more productive results. More than this, innovations in cloud services also create different opportunities for an organization’s growth. “Organizations that migrate to Cloud can optimize their processes and have seamless operations both internally and externally,” said Joan Penaflorida, president of the IT solutions company Yondu. “It has numerous advantages that can speed up an organization’s growth and open its doors to new possibilities.”

Migrating to Cloud offers more than just data storage. AI capabilities can maximize the Cloud so that organizations get more insight-driven, strategic, and efficient processes. The Cloud also has benefits when it comes to security. Through the policies, technology, and procedures provided by cloud services, organizations can be confident that their systems and data are safe from cyberattacks. The emergence of 5G networks—a more efficient way of interconnecting people and devices—means it’s now easier and faster to migrate to Cloud.

When it comes to migrating to Cloud, Yondu is the preferred, reliable partner. “Apart from our core software development and managed services, Yondu focuses on helping organizations move to the Cloud and enjoy its benefits. These benefits include reduced IT costs, collaboration efficiency, scalability, and flexibility of work practices.” shared Joan. This is in line with the company’s goal to help various organizations effectively scale up in the digital economy,” Penaflorida said.

“Yondu wants to spread awareness of Cloud transformation, and why it has become a necessity in the constantly changing technology landscape. The industry needs to play to these cloud advantages to advance its goals. We recognize the government’s efforts in moving this forward, and we aim to be a part of it in the future, particularly in digitizing enterprises and organizations to create a digitally-savvy Philippines,” Penaflorida added.