2 Pinoy YouTube channels hit 1-million subscriber mark

Gold Play Button awardee Ranz Kyle with sister Niana


Two successful Pinoy YouTube channels have reached an important milestone after gaining more than a million subscribers each. YouTube recognized the achievement by conferring to both channels the elusive Gold Play Button Award.

Kaycee and Rachel receive their Gold Play Button Award

The Kaycee & Rachel in Wonderland YouTube channel has attained online popularity by targeting kids from around the world. Sisters Kaycee and Rachel, the creators of the channel, constantly produce skits and kid-friendly challenges that never fail to arouse the interest of their followers. The sisters have produced viral videos from their candid experiences, which include eating spicy ramen, cracking eggs on their heads, unboxing and reviewing new toys, and singing along their favorite songs on the video-sharing site. As of this writing, the channel has generated almost 1.4 million subscribers.

Meanwhile, Ranz Kyle YouTube channel showcases the talent of its creator, Ranz who is a member of the popular online teen pop group Chicser. His videos mostly feature himself with his younger sister Niana in various vlogs, skits, dance covers, and tutorials which have been proving to be among the successful online video formulas. So far, the YouTube channel has accumulated more than 167 million views since it started in 2008. Ranz Kyle is also among the fastest growing YouTube channels worldwide after gaining over 1.6 million subscribers after hitting a million subscribers in early 2017.

“Congratulations to Ranz and Kaycee & Rachel, who have shown that YouTube is a platform for Filipino creators to share their amazing talent with a global and passionate audience,” said Google Philippines Country Manager Gabby Roxas.

The two YouTube channels join two other Filipino video creators that have received the Gold Play Button Award—Fliptop Battles (now having over 2.1 million subscribers) and Kids’ Toys (currently with almost 2.4 million subscribers).

The YouTube Play Button Award is the website’s way of recognizing outstanding YouTube channels and creators that have successfully created their own communities of engaged and interested followers.

About two Filipino YouTube channels are breaching the 100,000-subscriber mark every week so far this year. The video-sharing site confers the Silver Play Button Award to such channels. Among the Silver Play Button awardees in the Philippines are video creators Wil Dasovich, That’s Bella, Say Tioco, Real Asian Beauty, Haley Dasovich, Janina Vela, Pamela Swing, and Zendee Tenerefe.

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