These 4 nutritious recipes can help strengthen your immune system

(Press Release)

Filipinos have taken the necessary steps to strengthen their immunity during this time of pandemic, like having regular workouts to keep the body active and taking vitamins and supplements for an added layer of protection.

A big part of staying in great shape and achieving a stronger immune system is having a balanced diet. With this, Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation would like to help Pinoys in their health and fitness goals by sharing simple recipes that promote eating nutritious and delicious meals without compromising their budget and time.

“Most home cooks are stressed and running out of ideas on what meals to prepare. We cooked up new recipes that you can try to add variety to the food that you consume and serve to your family.  Make the most out of every meal time with these nutritious dishes!,” says Deborah S. Fajarda, RND, Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation’s Science Communication Executive.

Here are four nourishing yet sumptuous and easy-to-do recipes that will strengthen every Juan’s immune system:


Vegetable Kebab with Grilled Chicken

Take a break from the usual barbecue with this mouth-watering vegetable kebab with grilled chicken dish. Enjoy the benefits of fiber-rich veggies like zucchini and corn that can aid in digestion paired with chicken breast marinated with SARSAYA® Liquid Seasoning. Chicken is rich in protein which aid in maintaining good muscle integrity and B Vitamins that are in-charge of keeping a healthy immune system. Onions and bell peppers are also valuable in this recipe as it not only add flavor but they also contain antioxidants that may help protect cells against free radicals. Want to take this meal to another level of enjoyment as well? Why not add a mixture of olive oil with AJI-SHIO® Pepper Seasoning Mix, and AJI-SHIO® Garlic to give the veggies a savory kick.


Hawaiian Fish Burger

Give burgers a new and inviting look with the Hawaiian Fish Burger. Prepping this snack can be done in four easy steps by using tilapia fillet as a substitute for the traditional beef. Tilapia is rich in protein that promotes muscle building and tissue healing. Moreover, it also provides iron which further helps in strengthening the immune system. Adding fruits and vegetables high in fiber and minerals such as pineapple, romaine lettuce, and tomato will make this specialty healthier. CRISPY FRY® Seasoned Crumbs even makes the tilapia fillet crunchier, to give joy to kids and kids at heart when they have this delightful treat.


Asian Salad with Oyster Sauce Dressing

For people looking to go green and oriental, this Asian Salad recipe is perfect. This colorful dish is composed of easy-to-find fruits and vegetables such as cucumber, lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, orange and singkamas that are packed with iron and vitamins A and C. This combination of vitamins support the immune system. Preparing this leafy concoction is a time-saver as it can be done in four simple ways. Aside from the veggies’ natural benefits, slices of grilled filleted chicken breasts will pack this hearty grub with protein. Adding SARSAYA® Oyster Sauce to the salad dressing will further elevate the taste of this specialty.


Fish Fillet in Mango Salsa

Combining fish and fruits to create a delicious specialty like this Fish Fillet in Mango Salsa is a unique way to power up defenses against diseases. This dish is packed with protein that helps fuel and fortify the body. Fish fillet evenly coated and fried with CRISPY FRY® Fish Breading Mix is a perfect complement to the sweet kick of ripe mangoes that contain vitamins A and C. Adding onions, cilantro, green pepper, honey and lemon to the mango salsa will enrich this meal to perfection.


“These recipes will benefit people who want to watch what they eat and those who want to start eating healthier. While these recipes are certainly helpful, we also encourage people to put in more time and effort in knowing the benefits of the food they intake to improve their health and even immune system,” adds Fajarda.

These recipes reflect the Ajinomoto Creating Shared Value (ASV) framework and Eat Well, Live Well commitment, as the company continues to develop ideas and create products to improve the nutrition of Filipino families.


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