Airspeed launches UnboxMe to make online shopping in U.S. stores easier

(Press Release)

Shopping online has become standard practice for most Filipinos. The popularity of online shopping in the Philippines has risen tremendously during the past couple of years, and the current Covid-19 crisis has caused the trend to grow even more.

The significant increase in online shopping has naturally caused a corresponding surge in the demand for logistics services. While new companies have emerged to satisfy some demand, the challenge remains for upstart companies that do not have the resources, experience, and knowledge to manage the majority of logistical requirements comprehensively and properly, beginning with the first mile.

Airspeed is one of the largest and most trusted end-to-end logistics solutions and express courier companies in the country. Backed by 35 years of experience, Airspeed knows that the increase in logistics demand must be consequently matched with the expansion and diversification of its own roster of services.


Cross-border delivery service

As the country slowly returns to normalcy, Airspeed is launching UnboxMe, a cross border delivery platform that caters to online shoppers in the Philippines who choose to shop on U.S. websites. UnboxMe’s services include consolidation, storage, and shipping to their addresses.

Initially available to serve NCR, Clark, Cebu, Davao, and Cagayan de Oro, UnboxMe works in three easy steps: Simply create an UnboxMe account for FREE! Don’t forget to check and save your free UnboxMe U.S. Address. Select and shop your desired items from any U.S. online store, and have it shipped to Airspeed Los Angeles address. Remember: buy more items and consolidate them in one shipping to save more! The last step is to ship and pay for your item/s once your orders are received at Airspeed’s LAX warehouse.

UnboxMe service

Delivery time for NCR is between 8-12 days while for Clark, Cebu, Davao, and CDO, the delivery lead time is between 12-15 days. The status of your orders can also be easily monitored as UnboxMe offers real-time tracking.

In its quest to become the preferred cross border logistics company in the Philippines, Airspeed offers its special UnboxMe service to Filipinos who choose to shop in their desired American online stores. Airspeed believes that by suitably fulfilling the gifting requirements of a more selective sector of society through its UnboxMe service, Airspeed essentially gives every Filipino the opportunity to feel love, happiness and satisfaction while “Unboxing Life’s Best Moments.”