Big features of the compact Fuji Xerox DocuCentre 2110

Fuji Xerox Printer Channel Philippines has launched an addition to its growing lineup of monochrome multifunction machines. The company’s first new product to be introduced in the local market in 2017 is still ideal for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), which comprise up to 99% of the national economy.

“Fuji Xerox has always been known for its innovations,” said the company’s Country Manager for the Philippines and APAC Business Development Manager Ken Kozak. “Our brand has been synonymous with quality and our monochrome multifunction series of machines carry that tradition.”

DocuCentre 2110’s predecessor, the DocuCentre 2011 has created a print in the Southeast Asian market for its features that meet requirements of SMEs. This time, the DocuCentre 2110 is an upgrade bringing about better features as the brand aims to expand its share in the pie of the market for SMEs in the Philippines and in the region.

Here are the outstanding features that make this new photocopying/printing machine a highly recommended tool in small business or home office setups.

Smart photocopier
Photocopying corporate ID cards, social security cards, credit cards, driver licenses, or any government-issued ID cards is now made easier and more professional. Double-sided card copying is made simpler and faster, eliminating the need to do multiple photocopying tasks just to achieve a single-page copy.

The DocuCentre S2110 is equipped with the technology that facilitates faster and better photocopying of ID cards, making it a recommended photocopier for public/government offices, travel agencies, hotels, banks, and computer shops. Up to four IDs can be photocopied in a single page.

An added outstanding feature is its auto-skew correction technology that automatically aligns copied images without the need for the IDs to be photocopied to be placed meticulously in the scanning glass. The back of those IDs will also be photocopied in the same page where the front images are printed without the need for trial prints.

For printing or photocopying multiple documents, there is no need to sort and collate by hand anymore. This photocopier does the sorting of printed documents for you.

Easy installation and operation
DocuCentre S2110 has an inherent Quick Setup Tool that easily sets up connection between the machine and PCs. The tool requires simple procedures when installing printer driver, scanner driver, as well as Print & Scan Hub program. Plus, the machine has a simple user interface, making the use of its control panel easier and faster.

As a power-saving photocopier and printer, the DocuCentre S2110 switches to Sleep Mode automatically when not in use for several minutes. You can quickly ‘wake up’ the machine when you need to use it just by pressing any button on its control panel.


Space-saving machine
Despite its big features and ability to copy/print up to 21 pages per minute, the DocuCentre S2110 has an appealing, compact design. It will not require much space, making it an ideal photocopying/printing machine to be installed and used even in a small office. The machine can be placed on a desk or on the floor.

The machine has a space-saving dimension: 540 mm in width; 540 mm in depth; and 111 mm in height. It can take 500 sheets of paper in a tray at a time and print in various paper sizes, including the huge A3 size. It also weighs lighter at just 11 kilograms.

The Fuji Xerox DocuCentre 2110 is available in all of the brand’s dealer-retailers nationwide for P71,999, including a toner that can be replaced/refilled for just P6,990 (can print out 10,000 or more copies).