BPI Foundation’s board gaming app teaches personal finance in a fun way

BPI Foundation is heeding the call of the World Bank for financial institutions to use ‘edutainment’ to teach people about financial concepts. The social responsibility arm of giant lender Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) has recently launched its first mobile gaming app to help make more Filipinos aware of financial options they can take when confronted with life’s inevitable challenges.

Breakthrough: The Financial Choices We Make’ is a first-of-its-kind mobile app that makes learning about finances more entertaining and informative. It is actually based on a board game that is translated into an interactive gaming app designed to make players test their personal finance skills and show how their financial decisions and choices can affect their lives on a daily basis.

“Aligned with our commitment to empower and enable our fellow Filipinos with financial knowledge, the intention is to make learning about personal financial concepts more accessible, enjoyable, and effective,” said BPI Foundation Executive Director Owen Cammayo. “We hope to engage and help shape the proper mindset and behavior of the general Filipino public when it comes to financial decision-making.”

Breakthrough’ can readily be downloaded for free via Apple Store (for iOS device users) and Google Play (for Android device users). To play the game, you would compete with AI opponents. Each player will virtually roll the dice, which will dictate how you would travel around the digital world.

Who says it is that easy? Just like in real life, there will be inevitable obstacles along the way. There are common life events to unfold at every turn across the board. The players are supposed to make ‘adulting decisions,’ which would dictate how they go through the game and how they generate scores.

The board game app will make you exercise having simple but impactful decisions. Should you save or go on an out-of-town vacation instead? Should you invest in stocks or buy an insurance policy? The consequences of your decisions will make your future virtual self either financially secured or broke.

The player who ends with the highest virtual net worth (accumulated assets, investments, and virtual coins) wins the game. It is that easy. You would never notice how time flies as you get into this easy app game.

Breakthrough’ also features a Financial Wellness Journal, quizzes, and more tips for a more immersive financial learning experience. BPI Foundation also intends to use the gaming app in its future financial education webinars and other activities.

Tech and Lifestyle Journal highly recommends this interactive game for everyone in the family especially these days when we are again encouraged to stay home amid the resurgence of Covid cases.