Helpful ideas when giving the best business gifts for customers

It’s almost half-way through the year and before you know it, the peak season for gift-giving will be at hand. If you’re aiming to send gifts to impress your corporate clients in time for the year-end holiday season, it’s never too early to make lists, set budgets and start shopping.

Corporate gifts are not like ordinary presents that you give to just anyone. More than just handing over a token, the goal should always be to create a positive and lasting impression to make sure your brand will resonate in recipients’ minds long after the gift has been given.

If finding suitable corporate gifts has posed a dilemma for you and your business each year, consider the following tips:

Plan to send gifts all year round.
Don’t wait for the holidays — all other businesses choose this time to give and your present may just end up lost in a pile with several other gifts, not catching the recipient’s attention. Why not be different and send a gift in the middle of the year or during the lean season between July and September? Anytime is a great time to show clients your appreciation and gifts are so much more memorable when they come unexpectedly.

Be creative.
A dose of creativity will not just save you money, it will also make the task of gift giving fun and exciting. There is no need to break the bank or make the process of finding corporate gifts complicated. Do your homework and take note of the gift recipient’s lifestyle as well as their likes and dislikes. Aim to personalize and for sure, the gift receiver will better appreciate your gesture.

Go chic, not cheap.
While it’s not advisable to spend too much on business gifts, it is also not good to go for the obviously cheap. Thus, when looking for gifts, be sure to select items that will give you value for money. Don’t settle for low-quality items that will inevitably just bring embarrassment to you and your brand. In the face of a limited budget, go back to your client research and think about what would be useful to them. A functional and practical everyday gadget need not be costly.

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