Durex PH bolsters PPE campaign to help curb STI and HIV incidence

(Press Release)

With over a year in lockdown, we find ourselves still in the midst of the pandemic, cautious yet with a glint of optimism with Covid-19 vaccine roll-out. Raising awareness of safe sex and sexually transmitted diseases has become more relevant as the Philippines currently records 29 cases per day as of January 2021 according to the Department of Health (DOH). The agency has tagged HIV as a continuing public threat and has called for the continued cooperation and collaboration of all local communities, civil society organizations, key stakeholders, and the government in jointly addressing this pressing matter.

As part of its mission to protect Filipinos from the threats of sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV and AIDS, Durex continues to promote the importance of using proper protection during sexual intercourse through education and awareness programs. Durex carries on with its own impactful initiatives under its Protection and Preparedness Education (PPE) campaign.

Remaining as steadfast and driven as ever this 2021—despite the lingering challenges—Durex pursues its advocacy of raising awareness on the importance of condom use as means to help stop the HIV epidemic and the spread of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in the country.

“During these times, we cannot afford to let our guard down,” says Matt Davis, Reckitt Philippines Marketing Director. “Just as Covid-19 remains to be of critical importance, so too are STIs and HIV. Durex will continue to do our share as a proactive private sector partner in building awareness and educating the public on the importance of protection.”

Thus, Durex will be continuing its donations to organizations including Love Yourself with which the brand has an ongoing full-year partnership, and the Commission on Population and Development (POPCOM), The Red Whistle, and the United Nation (UN) Women.

This Pride Month, Durex is one with the LGBTQ+ community in expressing and exploring their sex, sexuality, and gender identity with the ‘Wide open to love’ campaign. The campaign is aimed at empowering everyone to accept and celebrate their most authentic self while recognizing that the continuing HIV epidemic will end by using protection so that people can truly express their most authentic selves. Watch Durex’s Wide Open Pride Online campaign on their Facebook page.