Eastern Communications holds upskilling webinar for public school teachers

(Press Release)

Eastern Communications, one of the premier telecommunications companies in the country, recently concluded its webinar entitled “Onward: Nurturing Fearless Educators” in partnership with the Department of Education among public elementary school teachers in Manila and Caloocan.

In line with its continued commitment to empowering various sectors including education amidst the pandemic, the virtual event aimed to address the growing needs of teachers, educators, and facilitators when it comes to efficient distance learning and was graced by motivational speakers and industry leaders.

Director and Executive Producer of Mind S-Cool TV Mitzi Borromeo shared how media was able to shape culture and worldview which also contributes as a celebration of creativity, innovation, constant learning, respect, and appreciation for nature.

Meanwhile, Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Project Development Officer Carlo Fernando introduced best practices for online and distance learning, from innovative tools to common misconceptions.

“As educators, it is important for us to continuously innovate because it improves the learning outcomes and the quality of education provision. Innovating helps us to remain relevant in the face of rapid changes to society and the national economy,” shared Fernando.

CHED Project Development Officer Carlo Fernando during his comprehensive presentation on utilizing technology for effective online teaching.

Furthermore, educators had the chance to experience a “Mindfulness Session” with Mindfulness Asia Founder Imee Contreras. Aside from discussing how one can develop mindfulness skills, such as through deep breathing and meditation, she also recommended mindfulness tools online to help teachers manage the challenges brought by the current setup.

“Eastern Communications fully supports Filipino teachers in finding ways to adapt to the now normal, where distance learning has become the norm. We are grateful for the Department of Education for giving us the opportunity to share solutions to the challenges of online learning to our fearless educators. We hope that this initiative would empower and inspire them as they impart knowledge in their virtual classrooms,” said Eastern Communications Marketing Division Head Jed Estanislao.

Eastern Communications Marketing Division Head Jedrek Estanislao as he talks about the company’s dedication to nurturing fearless educators through innovative ideas and solutions.

Attendees of the said webinar were also able to receive a Teacher’s Kit from Eastern Communications which is composed of a free one-year subscription to the online interactive learning platform Mind S-Cool, portable green screens, laptop mats, and laptop stands for a more efficient online teaching experience.

Aside from this initiative, Eastern Communications has also been committed to empowering the education sector and learners by providing their connectivity services to some of the well-known educational sites such as Mind Museum and BGC Arts Center in Taguig.