Google now enables every small business to create website for free


There are over 900,000 micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the Philippines today (based on data from the Department of Trade and Industry) but only 1% of those have online presence, some of which are not even actual websites.

On the consumers’ side, more than two-thirds of regular Internet users across the country visit businesses’ online sites monthly, based on data from the Global Web Index survey.

There is clearly a need to put more local businesses online so business owners can tap greater opportunities and customers can enjoy more convenience brought about by more options.

In a clear effort to help bridge the gap, Google has launched Google My Business (GMB) Websites. The service facilitates creation of business websites that are search engine optimized and mobile responsive within just a few minutes, for free. This obviously counters small business owners’ typical impression that putting up an online site is complicated, costly, and tedious.

Free website in an instant

In as fast as 10 minutes and without spending even a single centavo, GMB enables a user to create a well-designed website (instantly choose a design theme, add photos, and put a catchy business description), obtain a free Google domain (there is also an option to buy a domain from Google domains at a reasonable cost), call the audience to action (initiate a phone call, book an appointment, or join your mailing list), and enjoy additional earning opportunity through AdWords Express. You can also manage your site through desktop, mobile, or the GMB app.

GMB websites could contain all the important information that customers surely find helpful like business description, location, operation schedules, and contact details. The information also becomes visible on Google Search and Google Maps, which could assure effective reach among potential customers online.

Verification process

To ensure accuracy of business information for the benefit of the business owner and the customers, a verification process is in place, which is still hassle-free. To initiate this, simply click the Mail icon found in the top left corner of GMB page and provide your business name, your name, and your mailing address (or your store’s/office’s location). Google will send a postcard containing a verification code that you can encode upon clicking Verify Now button.

Build your own business website NOW by visiting Google My Business.