GoSPCE web and mobile app makes leasing functional spaces easier

Do you find looking for and booking a conference room (in a hotel or even resort) for a business or family function too tedious? Are you always on the lookout for a co-working space where you could be productive while staying away from your home or office?

Now you can save time, effort, and patience when looking for and booking ideal spaces for work or play. Private equity firm ALTUS Digital Capital is transforming how students, professionals, and just about anyone find and rent spaces for any function through the web and mobile lifestyle app GoSPCE.

“GoSPCE is both a discovery and booking experience for consumers as well as a full end-to-end hospitality operations automation platform for space owners,” said ALTUS Digital Capital co-founder Randy McGraw during the recent launch of the new service platform.

Photo shows (from left to right) ALTUS Digital Capital Co-Founder and Managing Director Randy McGraw, ALTUS Capital Partners founder Pavan Gidwani, VP and Chief Operating Officer Liam Mendoza, and ALTUS Capital Partners co-founder and chairman Ben Sevillla.

“Owners of any type of space that can be used for work or plan purposes can list, shape, price, and market their spaces—whether conventional or unexpected spaces—define what activities can be conducted there, and find interested consumer segments by using online marketing tools offered by the platform or via our own marketing in their behalf,” he added.


GoSPCE for hosts
Commercial establishments (with valid tax identification number) with available spaces that can be leased for various purposes can now easily find prospective tenants or renters. This way, they can maximize their spaces’ income potential without experiencing the usual hassle of finding clients.

As of press time, more than 400 hosts with over 4,900 various types of available spaces have signed up with the service. Among the prominent corporate hosts in the platform are restaurants (like Cravings Group and the Bistro Group), hotels (like EcoHotels), and unconventional space owners (like Felipe & Sons that has a spacious second floor with a bar, which can be ideal for corporate training sessions, product launches, and other business or leisure events).

GoSPCE welcomes any commercial space owners who intend to lease out their vacant spaces for short or long terms. Among those that could take advantage of the service are co-working space operators with available rooms or single desks; hotels with meeting rooms; property owners with open idle open areas and pools; bars with unused second floors; restaurants with function rooms or dead spaces in between lunch and dinner seatings; building owners with parking lots that can accommodate activities and rehearsals of teams or bands; or owners of open fields that can be repurposed for outdoor or sports activities. Hostels, serviced apartments, and hospitality-centric operators can also benefit from signing up with the platform.

Through the platform, hosts can smoothly run operations and bring about better customer experience. GoSPCE facilitates real-time discounting tools to target sales and manage inventory; in-app communication with guests before, during, and after their stay; and marketing of in-house-value add-on services that can be transacted and provided to guests via the platform. At the same time, they can keep full control of shaping, defining, and pricing their spaces. Moreover, they can also take advantage of permissions based dashboard analytics so they can better understand the behavior and requirements of their guests better.

By the end of second quarter of 2018, all hosts who have signed up with the service can take advantage of full automation of all aspects of their operations, including secured booking and payment processes.

GoSPCE for guests
Freelancers, startup businesses, creative teams, and other independent professionals can easily and conveniently find the best places where they can work through GoSPCE web and mobile app. Available working spaces can be booked or leased per hour, day, week, or month.

Corporate HR departments and small or big companies can also use the platform to find available spaces if they need temporary or even permanent offsite establishments. Small groups of creative teams can take multiple locales where they can explore and find inspirations. International businesses can also tap spaces for short-term types of work accommodation. This list could go on as the wave of ‘place shifting’ of work activities continues.

Anyone can also find spaces for fun activities like parties, workshops, bridal showers, and reunions. Thus, GoSPCE is for everyone—from students to professionals.

Guests can find the platform useful not just for searching, booking, and sharing work/play spaces. GoSPCE also facilitates secured and reliable payment gateways, provides freebies and other perks from hosts, and posts reviews and ratings from other guests so they can have more references about available spaces listed in the platform.

To jumpstart your search for available spaces for any purpose, visit GoSPCE’s website at www.GoSPCE.com or download its mobile app on Google Play (for Android device users). It would soon be available on Apple Store for iOS device users.