How Gumtect makes enjoying ‘mouth-full’ food crawl adventures possible

Christmas in the Philippines is a season for enjoying one’s favorite food and drinks. As you look forward to all those exciting get-togethers and parties, are you usually held back with the usual setbacks like toothache or tooth sensitivity (or pangingilo)? We have good news for you—the answer to your tooth problems that may have been keeping you from indulging.

Tech and Lifestyle Journal was recently invited to A Mouth-full Adventure with the Kramers, a  unique food-crawl adventure along the famous Maginhawa Street in Quezon City. #AMouthfullAdventure brought us to four different restaurants and hangouts in the area, so we can enjoy various types of dishes, desserts, and beverages. The aim was to make all participants realize the typical setbacks of different food types to the teeth and gums.

The first stop was a concept restaurant called Gerry’s Jeepney, which serves popular Filipino dishes like grilled chicken, sinigang, adobong pusit, and pork barbeque (dishes that are mostly avoided by foodies with mouth sores). Its sought-after desserts like halo-halo and mais con yelo are obviously not for foodies with pangingilo.

Second stop was home to one of the best ramens in the metro—Soru Izakaya. We found what is probably the spiciest ramen in town and it is definitely not to be enjoyed by anyone with sensitive teeth.

When dessert time came, The Round Robin Café Bakeshop and Restaurant served mouth-watering chocolate cakes, lemon squares, and keylime pie.

And lastly, Ka-Pe DIY Filipino Coffee Shop served the most refreshing ice-blended drinks like Buko-Pandan, Choco Mango, and Mango Coconut. Some participants opted for coffee drinks (hot or cold).

How to best enjoy crawling through these food joints and more especially this season? We should begin by observing the best and most reliable oral health care. Good thing, we were oriented to #ProtectWithGumtect. We discovered two Gumtect variants that specifically address the most common tooth problems that prevent us from enjoying our favorite treats.

According to a 2011 research conducted by the National Monitoring and Evaluation Dental Survey, up to 48% of Filipinos suffer from some form of gum disease. Receding gums are often accompanied with tooth sensitivity.

Gumtect Gum Care toothpaste has a unique and effective formula that promoted healthy gums, protects against harmful mouth bacteria, and moisturizes and strengthens the gums.

Do you worry about your breath and dental health whenever you indulge in sumptuous meals and very sinful desserts? Brush with Gumtect Gumcare to protect your oral health with GUMSHIELD+. The system has Allantoin that improves the overall condition of your gums. Vitamin E moisturizes the gum, while Triclean lowers the possible formation of plaque while at the same time providing a shield against harmful mouth bacteria. Plus, it is armed with Active Anti-Cavity Protection to ensure fresh breath and stronger teeth enamel.

Gumtect Gumcare also has SLS-Free formulation that prevents the occurrence of singaw, which is usually due to dry mouth and irritation. Gumshield also helps speed up the healing process and relieves pain caused by singaw. Thus, you can say goodbye to mouth sores so you can always enjoy your favorite salty dishes like sinigang.

Do you have a problem enjoying your favorite ice cream or cold drinks because of the sharp sensation, known as pangingilo? Dental hypersensitivity occurs when the inner part of your tooth is uncovered due to wearing of the thin outer covering of the enamel, over-brushing, receding gums, and frequent consumption of acidic food.

As a remedy to tooth sensitivity of pangingilo, oral care experts recommend using Gumtect Sensitive toothpaste and/or Gumtect Sensitive mouthwash. These revolutionary products are equipped with the Dynamic Desensitizing System, which relieves manifestations of tooth sensitivity.

Lastly, let’s hear it from Team Kramer (Doug and Chesca) and how they protect their teeth using Gumtect. #ProtectWithGumtect #AMouthfullAdventure


Doug and Chesca Kramer go on a super romantic date pero naging awkward tuloy dahil sa singaw at pangingilo! Watch the video and find out what happened. #Gumtect #MouthMasaya

Posted by Gumtect on Friday, October 20, 2017