Revolutionary hydrogen power technology from the U.S. works its way to PH

The most abundant and simplest element on the planet holds the potential as the best solution to the world’s energy problem. Hydrogen is No. 1 in the Periodic Table of Elements (remember, basic Chemistry class?) because it has just a single proton and a single electron. As such, it can ideally store and deliver energy, when utilized strategically.  

This is the primary principle behind the use of hydrogen as a revolutionary energy storage solution. The future of the global energy industry is making its way to the Philippines. 

Harnyss, a company based in Texas in the U.S. that is a leader in cutting-edge energy storage technology is aiming to bring its patented low-pressure hydrogen storage solution that could further bolster the use of renewable energy across the country.  

The power of hydrogen  

“Our new technology consists of a hydrogen power system that could utilize water available from the atmosphere and use that to extract hydrogen, which would then be stored until the system’s fuel cells convert it into useable electricity,” said Harnyss CEO Kirby Smith during a media conference held at Arzo Hotel in Manila on March 12, 2024. 

The technology can integrate hydrogen energy storage with smart grid technology and popular renewable energy sources in the Philippines like solar, hydroelectric, and wind power.  

According to Harnyss COO Phillip Martin, a Harnyss hydrogen storage unit takes the standard size of a typical container van and can be installed with solar panels or wind turbines, which could naturally produce energy to be stored. A single setup could possibly power about 60 to 90 average local households.  

Harnyss CEO Kirby Smith and COO Phillip Martin (back row, fourth and fifth from left, respectively) with local partners

Producing cheaper, cleaner energy 

Thus, this Harnyss technology could be ideal in residential, commercial, and industrial communities anywhere in the country. Overall, the system could significantly reduce energy costs without compromising safety of the community and the environment (it produces water as byproduct). Oasis and Oasis 2 (the system in two varying capacity) can take a lifespan of up to 40 years and can operate non-stop whatever the weather could be.  

During a quick post-conference interview with Tech and Lifestyle Journal, Smith disclosed that Harnyss and its local partners are now working to bring the technology to prospective local clients. He is hopeful the process could be completed in about six months. No price estimate for the purchase and installation is released, yet.  

Smith also assured that the hydrogen storage system is also equipped with necessary safety mechanisms, making it safe even during the onset of calamities like typhoon and quakes and even from possible lightning strikes. Harnyss and local partners also assure about provision of aftersales and maintenance services through trained local personnel.