Keep in shape while staying productive using Samsung Galaxy devices

Celebrity model Hideo Muraoka remains in top shape while keeping himself productive even while he stays at home these days. The #TeamGalaxy ambassador shares how he keeps in shape while also managing to maintain productivity in an edition of Samsung Galaxy’s ‘Limitless Life’ series. Learn from his daily habits.


1. Start the day with a simple workout routine.

Hideo believes that anyone can start a fitness journey with simple, beginner-friendly exercises. The celebrity suggests beginning each day with easy, yet effective workout moves—burpees, lunges, push-ups, squats, and cool-down exercises like stretching while focusing on breathing. He advises keeping track of progress using the Real-Time Analysis feature of the Galaxy Watch3, which is synced via the Samsung Health App. For Hideo, the device is in synchrony with his Galaxy Note20 Ultra, which provides insights into his workout. Thus, he constantly improves his form, boosts his performance, and reduces injuries.

2. Improve the mood while working out by listening to music.

Enjoy workouts best with your favorite music. Hideo recommends using the Galaxy Buds Live’s Spotify integration. The feature makes it easier for the celebrity model to connect his workout or yoga playlist to his Galaxy Watch3. He can instantly switch between songs on his smartwatch by browsing through Spotify using the digital rotating bezel. Combined with the Galaxy Buds Live’s superior sound quality, Hideo feels more motivated and pumped for a workout. The ergonomic and tipless design makes the earbuds avoid falling off, even if you do vigorous workout routines.


3. Squeeze in a quick workout even on your busiest day.

Even if there’s too much work to do, be sure to find time to do a quick workout to strengthen your body, physically and mentally, according to Hideo. He recommends high-intensity interval training (HIIT) exercises for at least 30 minutes daily. Other than providing real-time analysis on workouts using the Galaxy Watch3, the smartwatch also measures oxygen uptake level with its Maximal Oxygen (VO2 max) readings and Blood Oxygen Monitoring that assesses the body’s condition following a quick, intense workout.


4. Meditate through yoga.

For Hideo, simple yoga routines easily give the body its much-needed stretch for proper circulation of the blood. Yoga and meditation also require full focus. He recommends using the Galaxy Buds Live’s Active Noise Cancellation while listening to yoga playlists to lower unwanted noise so anyone can focus on meditating without distractions.


5. Accomplish tasks seamlessly with the Galaxy ecosystem.

Make sure to stay on top of your tasks even if you are away from your smartphone. Hideo raves about Samsung’s seamless connectivity with the Galaxy Watch3, Galaxy Buds Live, and Galaxy Note20 Ultra, which all enable him to manage his tasks on a daily basis. By simply connecting his smartphone with both devices via Bluetooth, Hideo easily sends automatic reply options and views photos from his wrist. He can also accept calls from his smartwatch and answer them through the Galaxy Buds Live.


6. Recover by getting a good night’s sleep.

After a long, busy day, get good quality sleep, according to Hideo. For the celebrity, “sleep is medicine” as it facilitates muscular repair. He sleeps using the Galaxy Watch3’s Sleep Score and Insights that analyzes and provides insights into his sleeping patterns.

Samsung Philippines understands the limitations brought about by the current situation, which affects everyone’s fitness goals, especially for medical frontliners. Thus, Hideo and Samsung dedicated the last episode of the ‘Limitless Life’ series to remind them that they also need to take care of their selves so they can continue to take care of others.

Galaxy Watch3 and Galaxy Buds Live’s cutting-edge health and productivity features set aside any limit when it comes to keeping one’s lifestyle and daily routines. Watch Hideo’s ‘Limitless Life’ episodes on his IG (@hideo_official).