Experience Honda’s newest CRF250RX for maximum adrenaline rush

(Press Release)

Ready to take on a new adventure this 2022? Awaken your adventurous spirit and explore breathtaking off-road trails with The All-New CRF250RX.

Built for off-road adventure, Honda’s newest addition to its roster of high-performance rough terrain bikes is the perfect trail and Enduro companion. Whether you’re in for an adventure or looking at elevating you’re riding game, an off-road motorcycle with a light, two-wheel machine with a more agile footprint will give you a taste of thrill! Based on a compact and responsive 249cc liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, single-cylinder, DOHC engine, The All-New CRF250RX has slim bodywork and lightweight chassis that allows superior handling. It is equipped with a 49 mm Up Side-Down front Fork (Showa Brand), 21-inch front and 18-inch rear wheel (DID Rim brand), HRC Launch Control, and Engine Mode Select Button. It is incredibly lighter, stronger, and ready to challenge every road situation.

Investing in a non-street legal HondaCRF250RX will take you to a different kind of adrenaline rush, as it will surely give you the joy of riding motocross tracks, ATV Parks, and scenic spots around the country. Look forward to a pure, exhilarating adventure awaiting you when you ride The All-New CRF250RX.

Here’s a closer look at its advanced features: The Engine Mode Select Button (EMSB) responds to changes in engine character to suit different trail situations, aiding a rider’s ability to adapt to a wide range of riding conditions and scenarios. The HRC Launch Control directs acceleration smoothly and as fast as possible, avoids spinning of the drive wheels, and steers clear of engine failure due to over-revving and clutch and gearbox problems. If you’re looking for powerful performance and reliable features that increase riding confidence, this one is for you.

Let the adrenaline rush. The All-New CRF250RX is effortless yet powerful. Key enhancements include 49mm Up Side Down Front Fork that Showa calibrated for tough terrain, adding riding comfort with its adjustable steel spring preload and rebound damping suspension. Its superb Pro-Link Rear Suspension has a faster response and bumps absorption. Tapered aluminum twin-spar frame Lightweight Chassis features narrower main tubes to elevate cornering performance no matter where you’re riding. DID Rim crafted 21-inch front & 18-inch rear wheels make navigating tough terrain super easy, and you can enjoy uninterrupted fun because this big bike’s 8-Liter Fuel Tank is absolutely ready for long-distance trail rides.

Other features include Knuckle Guards to protect hands from hitting branches during trail rides, Side Stand that you can tuck away properly and neatly for trail riding convenience, and an Engine Guard to protect the engine for any damages that may be acquired during trail rides. The All-New CRF250RX is a sure head-turner not only because of its engine power. It also looks super grand and hot in its only color variant Extreme Red.

Enjoy an intense adrenaline rush, conquer difficult off-trail roads, take off, jump, and drop-in muddy, rocky trails. Lightweight, advanced suspension technology, and excellent engine power–Experience all these with your next favorite off-road bike. Ride in full throttle and enjoy Honda-engineered All-New CRF250RX, available at all Honda dealerships nationwide with a suggested retail price of ₱469,000.

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