HP launches industry’s largest portfolio of AI PCs in PH

Press Release

HP Inc. has launched the industry’s largest portfolio of commercial and consumer AI PCs leveraging the power of AI to enhance productivity, creativity, and user experiences in hybrid work settings.

In an ever-changing hybrid work landscape, workers are still struggling with disconnection and digital fatigue. HP’s 2023 Work Relationship Index reveals that only 27% of knowledge workers have a healthy relationship with work, and 83% believe it’s time to redefine our relationships with work. Most employees believe AI will open new opportunities to enjoy work and make their jobs easier,6 but they need the right AI tools and technology to succeed.

“AI creates a level playing field ensuring we’re all creators, innovators and entrepreneurs. The sheer variety of applications and services in [insert country] and the entire region is testament to the need for local solutions that fit local needs. AI ensures that ideas can be executed,” said Ida Evina Ong-Co, Managing Director HP Philippines. “Beyond that, AI will greatly boost productivity for everyone, taking care of time-consuming tasks and allowing our talents across the country to focus on higher-level creativity and innovation. The latest suite of AI PCs from HP are designed to deliver on the potential of [insert country]’s future”.

The latest HP Elite and Pro PC solutions are equipped with AI capabilities powered by Intel® Core™ Ultra 5 and 7 processors with dedicated NPUs for tackling AI tasks with more personalized performance. HP Smart Sense is designed to automatically anticipate and adjust to your PC usage behavior, ensuring the best balance of performance and power. 

HP now has the largest portfolio of Intel® processors demonstrating a commitment to innovation and performance. The new lineup includes:

  • HP Elite 1000 Series G11 Notebook PCs: As the world’s most powerful AI business PCs, the series is designed to deliver a seamless blend of portability, performance, and up to 21 hours of battery life for leaders and workers on the go. Harnessing the power of AI, users experience up to 80% better graphics performance, up to 38% less power for AI-enhanced collaboration, and up to 132% faster AI video editing compared to the previous generation. With HP Smart Sense, AI transforms your PC’s power so it runs up to 40% quieter. Over 70% of major parts contain recycled materials, including recycled fishnets in the keyboard. Additionally, power data tracking and suggestions help reduce energy use.
  • HP EliteBook 800 and 805 Series G11 Notebook PCs: Created to meet the needs of enterprise knowledge workers taking on daily workloads that demand powerful performance and collaboration features. The new series is equipped with Intel® Core™ Ultra 5 and 7 processors for AI-driven productivity. These PCs contain at least 75% PCR plastic in the bezel.

  • HP ProBook 400 and 405 Series G11 Notebook PCs: Purpose-built for hybrid workers splitting time between the office and home, these devices unlock AI-powered workflows and essential performance while offering upgradeable storage and memory. The series contains 50% post-industrial recycled stamped aluminum in the chassis.