Infinix debuts ZERO 30 SERIES at the Italian Pavillion in Venice

(Press Release)

Infinix collaborates in organizing the panel session ‘New Image, New Lifestile | Cinema in the New Media, Capture Your Own Story‘ organized on September 1st at the Italian Pavilion in Venice, on the occasion of the Venice International Film Festival. The collaboration celebrates the increasing synergy between advances in smartphone technology and the art of storytelling and filmmaking. Centered around the launch of the latest Infinix ZERO smartphone, the partnership is the first of its kind, uniting two brands dedicated to the creation of incredible stories that resonate across global boundaries.

Traditional cinema meets next-gen vlogging

From classic cinema to social media posts, Infinix is proving that technology has the power to enable more engaging storytelling than ever before. By partnering with the Italian Pavilion FOR THE SESSION NEW IMAGE NEW LIFESTYLE | CINEMA IN THE NEW MEDIA TIME, CAPTURE YOUR OWN SORY on September 1st, one of the most respected institutions in global cinema, Infinix is pushing the boundaries of filmmaking to recognize the importance of storytelling through smartphone video, and the art of vlogging.

Young people today place greater emphasis on their personal lives and the ability to share experiences with others. This desire for self-expression is mirrored in the content that they create, and a new inclination to explore the art of storytelling and the creation of compelling narratives that are quickly becoming the cinema of today on new platforms including social media.

Infinix ZERO 30 SERIES global launch

The Infinix ZERO Series is an example of how Infinix empowers young people with first-in-class technology, creating powerful and attainably priced products that challenge convention and break with tradition. The latest model in the Infinix ZERO smartphone series, takes front camera photography to new places, allowing users to be part of a new era of imaging and storytelling.

During the Italian Pavilion Forum ” New Image, New Lifestile. Cinema in the New Media, Capture Your Own Story,” Infinix will unveil the latest edition of the Infinix ZERO smartphone series. In front of an audience of world-leading tech, lifestyle, and photography vloggers, Infinix CMO Lake Hu will outline the brand’s vision of smartphone development, introducing the ‘Story On’ concept.

The new Infinix ZERO series smartphone will then be unveiled on stage by Infinix India CEO, Anish Kapoor. Attendees will also be shown an exclusive documentary created by Infinix fans, demonstrating the incredible potential of smartphones for professional, cinematic-style filmmaking.

‘Capture Our Own Story’ – Mobile Vlog Awards of Infinix

The ‘Capture Your Own Story’ Mobile Vlog Awards will also be launched on the occasion of the Venice International Film Festival. The contest encourages young creators worldwide to harness the advanced video capabilities of Infinix smartphones to capture life uniquely, crafting short film videos that reflect their individual perspectives. Infinix invites vloggers of all types, and backgrounds to contribute to the evolution of mobile imaging, creating a space for youthful creativity and inspiration to thrive.

Infinix shines on the occasion of the 80th Venice Film Festival

The partnership between Infinix and the Italian Pavilion Forum ” New Image, New Lifestile. Cinema in the New Media, Capture Your Own Story” sets a new precedent in collaborative branding, uniting to set in motion a transition to a world where we can all become masters of cinematic creativity and self-expression.

Infinix’s pursuit of technological innovation puts disruptive, next-generation technology in the hands of young people everywhere. Venice is the perfect stage upon which new and innovative filmmaking and vlogging can be experienced, celebrated, and better understood. Infinix aims to contribute to shaping the future of filmmaking, vlogging, and the development of upcoming directors and cinematographers.