IOV Labs pushes RSK blockchain & decentralized finance in Fintech Asia Summit

(Press Release)

IOV Labs proudly participated in the recently concluded Fintech Asia Summit, with Asia-Pacific Regional Director Eddy Travia giving a talk at the conference.

Held virtually on January 20, 2022, the Fintech Asia Summit was organized to gather leaders in the global finance and business community and tackle the latest developments and trends in finance. Together, the event provided attendees a space to gather insights and help draw up a roadmap for the region to innovate financial services, especially in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. The summit becomes especially relevant when considering that the huge Asia-Pacific market is crucial for the fintech industry.

Travia took the stage at the Fintech Asia Summit and discussed the importance of decentralized finance, bitcoin, and what the RSK blockchain from IOV Labs could contribute to the future of fintech.

“It was a pleasure speaking about decentralized finance in the bitcoin ecosystem via RSK technology at the Fintech Asia Summit,” Travia said. “The event was well organized and busy with numerous active attendees and several renowned members of the fintech and blockchain industry present.”

Travia’s talk covered the importance of decentralization in finance, a main selling point of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Through RSK, he added, Bitcoin is fully enabled on the most secure smart contract platform in the world.

Thanks to Travia’s talk, attendees were informed about the functionality and potential behind the RSK blockchain. With RSK, for instance, the bitcoin ecosystem will gain additional smart contracts, have quick payments enabled, and have higher scalability to accommodate increasing demand. This means quicker and more transactions for anyone using bitcoin.

Additionally, IOV Labs was even one of the silver sponsors for the event. As a silver sponsor, IOV Labs gained the opportunity to take part in discussions on the future of fintech with other industry stakeholders.

According to Dhinesh Kumar, CEO and Founder at Point to Business Services and Head of Global Events at Fintech Asia, IOV Labs’ presence at the summit was very much appreciated. “We would like to express our thanks to IOV Labs for investing in our vision,” Kumar said. “Their sponsorship was integral to our ability to serve the fintech community and helping find new ways to drive profitability and customer satisfaction through innovation. With everything being tokenized and connected via blockchain someday, we look forward to continuing this relationship for future events.”