Jollibee outranks all PH fastfood chains in digital engagement

Thanks to its recent series of online viral videos, Jollibee has significantly dominated digital engagement among local fastfood chains. Based on latest report released by global social listening tool Community Plus, the Philippines’ biggest fastfood chain was the leader in digital engagement in the quick service restaurant (QSR) category in the first half of 2017.

According to that data, Jollibee accounted for 37% of total engagement of the sector in Facebook, which is obviously the most widely used social networking site in the country. That figure is twice greater than its foreign brand rival.

Echoing this information are results of a report by another social media intelligence tool, Thoughtbuzz, which identified Jollibee as the most talked about local QSR brand in the same period. Based on this, the brand registered a combined 1.5 million mentions across different local digital platforms, which is almost threefold bigger compared to the total of all its competitors.

“For us in Jollibee, capturing the hearts of the Filipinos online (and offline) is the ultimate reward,” said Jollibee Global Brand Chief Marketing Officer and Marketing Head Francis Flores. “Jollibee’s stellar digital success has been key to sustaining our market leadership in the country, across all our major target markets. Through world-class, highly engaging online content and digital innovations, we will continue to break the internet to reinforce our position as the Philippines’ most loved and most talked about brand.”

Kwentong Jollibee
As we all know, the company’s Kwentong Jollibee online video campaign has gone viral in time for Valentine’s this year. Vow, Date, and Crush generated a total of more than 50 million views on Facebook and video sharing site YouTube. Those gathered 1.3 million shares, 7.5 million in engagement, and 82 million in reach (72% organic reach). The video series also attained more than P150 million worth of free media values at the same time.

Following that phenomenal success was Jollibee’s back-to-back series in time for mothers’ and fathers’ days. Also released within the period was the brand’s Grand Parents’ Day video ad, which solidified Jollibee’s online leadership after reaching 29 million online users and generating over 14.2 million views.

Other digital efforts

Jollibee even launched its Twitter Intercept efforts to use the micro-blogging site to further reach out to customers. This initiative realized 50% growth in conversation and craving for Jollibee products across Twitter.

And lastly, the brand rolled out its JolliDance Showdown App, which turns Jolly Joy Box in every Jolly Kids Meal into an interactive platform. So far, the app has been downloaded over 100,000 times.