Lady Gaga shoots ‘Stupid Love’ music video using iPhone 11 Pro

Lady Gaga has immersed in the ‘Shot on iPhone’ campaign by giant tech company Apple. The company has revealed that the pop superstar’s newest music video for her single ‘Stupid Love’ was filmed using an iPhone 11 Pro.

Through the Shot on iPhone campaign, Apple showcases its confidence in its latest flagship mobile device. Lady Gaga’s new music video demonstrates how the iPhone 11 possesses the raw capabilities and specs to actually shoot a professional video, eliminating the so-called ‘smartphone effect’ that obviously steals the cinematic appeal of videos.

This also served as an opportunity to prove its detractors wrong on their assumption that the iPhone 11 is just like the iPhone XS, which was previously criticized for supposedly producing videos with obscure skin tones of subjects.

iPhone ad or music video?
The music video’s director Daniel Askill underlined the milestone achieved by ‘Stupid Love.’ He thinks the video erases the thin line between being an iPhone ad and a music video. “Obviously, this is so smart on behalf of both Gaga and Apple to just lean into the blurring of that line—and just focus on creating a great piece of content that can bridge the gap between the two.”

There’s more to the ‘Stupid Love‘ music video. According to Apple, the creators also used the Filmic Pro app to further enhance the footages shot on the iPhone 11 Pro. Additional hardware like stabilizers and lighting equipment were installed to create the end product, which is a pride for everyone in the team.

This is not the first time though that an iPhone was used to film a professional video or movie. Last year, Selena Gomez also shot her music video for ‘Lose You To Love Me’ using the iPhone 11 Pro as well. In 2018, film director Steven Soderbergh produced a psychological horror film entitled ‘Unsane’ using the camera of the iPhone 7 Plus during the entire shoot.

See for yourself the video quality iPhone 11 Pro is capable of rendering. Check out Lady Gaga’s ‘Stupid Love’ video.