Lenovo Legion launches a new arsenal of innovative gaming notebooks

Lenovo Legion has unleashed its next generation of gaming PCs. The gaming brand of giant tech firm Lenovo recently unveiled three new laptops that impress with innovative features delivering more stylish and high-performing experiences—the Legion 5, Legion 5 Pro, and Legion 7. These are aimed at enabling users to work hard during the day then play harder at night.

The latest arsenal comes with better resolution displays, AI-bolstered thermal cooling, and framerate customization plus the power to fully immerse gamers and enable them to face challenging tasks at ease with the AMD Ryzen 5000 H-series Mobile Processors and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3000 Series GPUs.

“Our latest Legion devices are battle-ready to let users easily breeze through the most demanding requirements for work and play,” said Lenovo Philippines President and General Manager Michael Ngan. “Continuing on the promise of innovation and smarter technology for all, the new PCs enable seamless play using technologies such as AI to make the most out of the instant responsiveness and accelerated performance from AMD and NVIDIA’s newest gaming processors.”


First notebooks with AMD Ryzen 5000 H series Mobile Processors

These latest processors are the only ones so far with eight high-performance cores that could suit ultrathin gaming notebooks. They combine incredible efficiency, elite performance, and longer-lasting battery life that can keep gamers on their play for more years.

Legion 5

Ultimate gaming experience via NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3000 Series GPUs

The graphics cards are fully packed with new internals like the NVIDIA Ampere architecture, 3rd Generation Ray Tracing Cores, streaming multiprocessors, and 2nd Generation Tensor Cores to give not just gamers but also content creators the most realistic graphics possible along with cutting-edge AI to fine-tune art even to the smallest details.


Smarter Technology by Lenovo

The Lenovo Legion AI Engine combines the best-in-class hardware, software, and machine learning to overclock computer performance. The engine automatically detects and routes the most ideal Thermal Design Power settings to the CPU and GPU for the maximum frames per second during games.

Ai keeps the Coldfront 3.0 thermal management system effective in keeping the temperature inside the machine much cooler as the heat of the gaming action intensifies. Increased airflow inside by up to 18% is achieved while huge volumes of air are moved through components that rapidly dissipate heat and facilitates optimized performance.

Legion 5 Pro

The world’s first 16” QHD gaming notebooks

The Legion 5 Pro and Legion 7 are now the first gaming notebooks ever to come out with 16” Quad High Definition (QHD) displays. Gamers are poised to enjoy a cinematic-like experience during competitive games. Larger displays increase gamers’ sightlines and facilitate a better field of view.


Nahimic Audio

Nahimic Audio optimize the new Legion lineup’s Harman speakers. This is specially designed for gamers for a more competitive edge with the 360-degree audio with Night Mode smart volume reduction and Sound Tracker to point out a sound’s source and direction during a game. Moreover, Nahimic Audio makes crystal-clear video calls possible through its background-noise suppression feature. The Sound Sharing feature allows the streaming of audio from a PC to two different headsets even without audio adapters.

Legion 7

Reinforced Support

The upgraded Vantage software speeds up Legion 5, Legion 5 Pro, and Legion 7. The Vantage Smart Performance Services solution lowers PC downtime through scanning, detection, and removal of traces of spyware, malware, and adware. Lag and latency issues are also reduced while playing online multiplayer games as the new PCs are able to fix network and even access issues.

All three new devices come with a 3-year Premium Care warranty service bundled upon purchase.


Prices and availability

The Legion 5 Pro is available in Storm Grey and is bundled with a free Legion Recon Gaming backpack (worth ₱2,995). Prices start at ₱84,995.

Legion 5 is available in Stingray White and Phantom Blue with a starting price of ₱74,995 (within the quarter). It is also bundled with a free Legion Recon Gaming backpack.

The Legion 7 is available in Storm Grey and will be available within the first half of 2021. Prices start at ₱139,995 also with a free Legion Recon Gaming backpack.

The new lineup is available at official Lenovo Legion stores and Lenovo Authorized Resellers nationwide. These are also available through Lenovo Legion’s Flagship Store at Lazada.


Legion Ultimate Upgrade Promo

The arrival of the new gaming arsenal from Lenovo Legion is celebrated through an exciting promo. Until May 31, 2021, purchasers will be entitled to a Legion Upgrade Pass that brings about up to ₱66,995 worth of gaming freebies.

Promo codes will be provided upon registration and upgrade pass colors are randomly assigned. Every color has a corresponding freebie. White Upgrade Pass brings a Legion Pilipinas jacket. Bronze Upgrade Pass entitles to any of the following: Legion H300 Headset, Legion M600 Gaming Mouse, Legion K300 Gaming Keyboard, or Legion H600 Headset.

Silver Pass entitles customers to a Lenovo G25-10 Gaming Monitor, a Legion Y25-25 Gaming Monitor, or a Lenovo Q27q-10 Monitor. A Gold Pass brings a Legion 5 or a Legion Phone Duel 1.