Lenovo now offers PC rental service for business users in PH

Lenovo is introducing a new, cost-saving option for businesses in the Philippines. The China-based personal computer (PC) manufacturer has started offering PC as a Service (PCaaS) in the country.

Instead of setting a huge budget for purchasing new PCs, business owners and managers can now consider renting computers from Lenovo on a monthly payment basis. The amount of money that can be saved from choosing this option could be used to fund other necessary expenditures that could further boost business growth.

Under the PCaaS scheme, a fixed monthly fee would not just be for PC rental; it would also cover computer hardware as well as all services the machines require. Lenovo would take care of managing and maintaining the leased PCs. This service could also extend to necessary upgrades of the PCs or their systems in the future.

Moreover, businesses could also opt to rent laptops or tablets—an ideal offer for workplaces that are adapting the Choose Your Own Device practice, which is becoming popular across the globe these days. Whatever the choice is, software and maintenance services could still be rolled into the rental contract for the clients’ utmost convenience.

PCaaS covers all requirements from configuration of PCs or devices to safety compliance for safeguarding corporate data. The service is not unique to Lenovo, though. But it seems that the company is more determined to push for it locally.

ThinkStation P320
Lenovo has also announced plans to bring the new ThinkStation P320 Tiny to the local market. As the PC maker claims, the new enterprise computer is currently the smallest Independent Software Vendor (ISV)-certified workstation available today.

If typical CPUs take a big area in your workdesk, ThinkStation P320 Tiny is as small as a book. It measures 1.4″ X 7.1″ X 7.2″ (width, depth, length), weighing just 1.3 kilograms.

But it is never to be underestimated as this PC proves that great things come in small packages. Despite its size, it is equipped with an Intel Core i7 processor, 2TB of solid state drive storage, up to 32GB of RAM, and NVidia graphics card.

Lenovo will launch ThinkStation P320 Tiny in the Philippines in the third quarter of this year.