Magic AI camera phone HONOR Magic6 Pro now available in PH

Press Release

Global smartphone provider HONOR has finally unveiled its latest addition to the Magic Series, the HONOR Magic6 Pro, hailed as the No.1 Magic AI Camera Phone. Priced at 59,999, the HONOR Magic6 Pro is now available for pre-order with FREEBIES worth 11,699, a combination of the Harman Kardon Luna and HONOR Earbuds X3 from May 8 to May 17, 2024.

“We are proud to introduce to you the HONOR Magic6 Pro with the latest AI features and Falcon Camera System that wowed our fans and definitely will surprise more consumers in the tech industry,” said Stephen Cheng, Vice President of HONOR Philippines.

The Power of Magic with AI 

The HONOR Magic6 Pro incorporates two innovative features—Magic Capsule and Magic Portal—to enhance user interaction and productivity. Magic Capsule expands upon tapping the notifications banner, delivering additional information and relevant options directly without the need to navigate multiple apps, thereby maximizing efficiency.

Magic Portal harnesses AI to simplify tasks based on user behavior. For instance, it quickly recognizes addresses in messages and seamlessly integrates with Google Maps for effortless navigation. It also streamlines social media interactions, enabling easy sharing of booking details or search results with a simple drag-and-drop gesture. Moreover, Magic Portal enhances shopping experiences by guiding users to platforms where they can find and purchase desired items directly from images.

Supported by partnerships with app developers, Magic Portal extends its capabilities across more than 100 globally popular apps, ensuring a seamless user experience and maximizing the potential of Magic Portal with users’ favorite applications.

Magic Capture: 180MP Tele-Falcon Camera

The HONOR Magic6 Pro has an impressive 180MP resolution coupled with a large F1.49-inch telephoto sensor, ensuring exceptional clarity for zoomed-in shots of distant subjects. The telephoto camera integrates innovative in-sensor zoom technology, supporting 2.5x optical zoom, seamless 5x/10x zoom, and an astounding 100x digital zoom.

The Magic6 Pro boasts a Super Dynamic Falcon Camera H9000 HDR sensor, delivering remarkable detail and brightness in various lighting scenarios. This sensor improves dynamic range by 210%, ensuring vivid colors and well-preserved highlights, even in challenging conditions.

The Ultra-large Self-adjusting Aperture allows users to control depth of field from f/1.4 to f/2.0, catering to diverse photographic preferences, almost functioning like a DSLR Camera. This feature is particularly useful for capturing subjects in motion like athletes in crowded environments, enabling crisp subject-background separation.

Magic Screen: HONOR NanoCrystal Shield

The HONOR Magic6 Pro features the innovative HONOR NanoCrystal Shield, delivering exceptional durability and stability. This shield is backed by SGS’s Five Star Overall Glass Drop Resistance Ability certification, validating its durability in various drop scenarios. The display utilizes advanced materials with a 50% increase in crystal density, resulting in a 10x improvement in shock absorption compared to standard glass. This means that the HONOR NanoCrystal Shield is ten times stronger than regular glass, offering unparalleled protection against accidental drops and impacts.

Furthermore, the Magic6 Pro is IP68 certified for water and dust resistance, ensuring reliable performance even in harsh conditions. Whether in outdoor adventures or facing accidental spills, this device is designed to withstand these challenges. The combination of the HONOR NanoCrystal Shield and IP68 rating guarantees the display remains intact and the device stays protected against daily wear and tear, ultimately enhancing its longevity and overall user experience.

Second Generation Silicon-carbon Battery and GPU Snapdragon 8

The Second-generation Silicon-carbon Battery boasts a far more concentration of power capacity, pushing the boundaries of battery capacity to an extraordinary 5600mAh. The 5600 mAh battery of the HONOR Magic6 Pro excels in low-temperature environments, allowing users to watch YouTube for 81 minutes at -20°C with 10% battery left. Plus, thanks to its 80W HONOR Wired SuperCharge and 66W HONOR Wireless SuperCharge, the phone charges fully in just 40 minutes, perfect for those on the go.

When it comes to its performance, the HONOR Magic6 Pro runs on the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Mobile Platform, boosting CPU performance by 30% and GPU performance by 25% compared to earlier models. With the Qualcomm® AI Engine, AI features on the Magic6 Pro are smooth and stable, showing a remarkable 98% improvement. This platform also offers outstanding gaming performance with excellent battery efficiency and innovative enhancements for powerful overall performance.

Grab your HONOR Magic6 Pro now available at any HONOR Experience and Partner Stores, and online via Lazada, Shopee, and TikTok Shop.

For more affordable offers, the HONOR Magic6 Pro is also available at Home Credit for as low as 1,719/month with the same FREEBIES of Harman Kardon Luna and HONOR Earbuds X3 worth 11,699. Take advantage of the offer at