Manulife launches new campaign with 3 digital short films

Manulife  continues to make more Filipinos realize the potential of investing in insurance in meeting various life goals and passions. As it goes on to celebrate its 110th year in the Philippines, the Canadian insurer has recently launched a new brand campaign with the intent to re-frame Filipinos’ perception of life insurance.

This campaign brings about a new TV commercial that introduces its Affluence Max Elite, an investment-tied insurance product that grows your fund exponentially so it could meet financial targets and cover specific needs within a specified duration. Take a look at the new ad here:

Manulife Affluence Max Elite

Be #Moneywiser! We can help you make the most out of life. Ask a Manulife Advisor about Affluence Max Elite today!

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At the same time, Manulife has launched three new short digital films that are all aimed at making the audience take many realizations upon being asked the question, “WHAT IF insurance could mean better things for you?”


WHAT IF insurance could help you financially prepare for a trip that you intend to change your life?


Sometimes we just ask the wrong questions. "What if she says no? What if 'di pa siya sure?“Does Matthew get to ask the right one? Join him as he goes on a trip that could change his life. #Manulife110

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Manulife highlights its investment-tied products that would enable growth in savings to fund life-changing events and milestones. Affluence Gold is a one-time investment product that allows policyholders to choose to invest in the insurer’s professionally-managed funds like the Peso Growth Fund that aims for long-term capital growth through investing in equities or government securities.


WHAT IF insurance could help fund your child’s education?


What if your child is so brilliant, she's a rockstar? Can you make her dreams come true? Watch how these parents help their child reach greater heights. #Manulife110

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Manulife’s Education Builder targets parents who intend to build funds for the future of their children. The product allows customers to carefully select their preferred premium payment period and set the schedule for the Annual Education Benefit payment when their child reaches the legal age of 18. This product also provides added protection through waived premiums and guaranteed payouts in case of death or disability of a parent.


WHAT IF insurance could enable you to finally pursue your real passion?


When can you give yourself permission to chase your biggest dreams? Follow Jeric as he starts the ride of his life. #Manulife110

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Manulife Affluence Builder Plus is another investment-tied product that could help policyholders attain financial goals and live their passion. It enables customers to take additional investments whenever they like as well as easily withdraw funds when the need arises. It also allows them to pick investment options depending on their end goals and risk-appetite.