Mapúa Senior High School offers academic and arts & design tracks

Press Release

If world-class athletes spend years training for a shot at a professional career, shouldn’t aspiring engineers, architects, nurses, CEOs, academicians, and other professionals also have a chance to prepare for their dream careers beforehand? Internationally recognized educational institutions like Mapúa University Senior High School (SHS) have recognized the importance of helping students build a strong foundation for their chosen future professions by offering them two high-level tracks: academic and arts and design.  

The academic track, available in both Intramuros and Makati campuses, has four strands: Accountancy, Business, and Management (ABM), Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS), Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), and General Academic Strand (GAS). Students also have the option to take the academic track through the homeschool program, while the arts and design track is only offered in the Makati campus.

The ABM strand enables students to become competent in accounting, economics, and business principles to thrive in business administration, marketing, and finance college programs. ABM graduates can work in accounting firms, banks, corporations, and entrepreneurial ventures.

Students who take up HUMSS develop strong analytical and writing skills and knowledge in social sciences, humanities, and communication. After completing the strand, they will be well-suited for courses in psychology, sociology, literature, communication, and related areas and excel in careers like research, writing, counseling, and social services.

The STEM strand enables learners to enhance their knowledge of math, physics, and scientific principles and prepare them for STEM-related fields like aviation, computer science, architecture, astrophysics, biology, chemistry, engineering, dentistry, nutrition, nursing, medicine, and more.

Meanwhile, the GAS strand allows students to explore various subjects without concentrating on a specific track. This well-rounded education develops critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving skills that can be applied to any field.

Creative minds will flourish in the Arts and Design Track as they refine their artistic, visual, and communication skills and creativity. This path is perfect for those who intend to establish careers in visual arts, graphic design, multimedia, animation, advertising, media, and entertainment. 

Mapúa SHS tracks’ curricula align with the Department of Education (DepEd) guidelines. They are outcomes-based and learner-centered to ensure that students master essential concepts and skill sets before they proceed to more complex subjects and tasks. This approach ensures that each student has a firm grasp of the fundamentals, which they can apply to job-related scenarios. 

Another feature that’s highly advantageous to students and puts the school ahead of other academic institutions is its pedagogy or the unique way it imparts learning. 

“Mapúa SHS stands out due to its commitment to excellence, innovative teaching methods, and integration of digital solutions. By combining traditional and modern teaching methods and leveraging digital tools, we prepare students for success in a dynamic world,” said Charlotte Monteiro, Mapua SHS Principal.

She further explains how the institution uses a hybrid learning model that combines online, asynchronous, and face-to-face instruction. This strategy enables students to learn at their own pace while providing opportunities for in-person interactions with teachers and peers.

She added that Mapúa SHS fully embraces digital tools and technology in its curriculum. Students have full access to online platforms, virtual labs, and e-learning resources that enhance their learning experience and prepare them for the digital age. 

Learners also receive regular leadership and creativity training, wellness sessions that equip them in stress management and mental health, industry-related seminars, student clubs and events, and coaching for external competitions. 

This novel delivery of personalized, learner-based teaching is effective and encouraging to young minds that Mapúa SHS has consistently performed outstandingly in various competitions such as the Philippine Linguistics Olympiad 2024, Nationwide Senior High Search for Math Whizz 2024, Tagisan 2024: Infinite Horizons Math-Sci Quiz Bee Category, 2nd Annual Quantum Clash: A Math and Physics Showdown – Quantum Leap, 26th SquEEEze High School Quiz Show, 2nd Annual Quantum Clash: A Math and Physics Showdown, Magis Interschool Mathematics Competition 2024, and SIHAY National Biology Olympiad 2024. 

“Mapúa has a long-standing reputation for providing high-quality education. Our students consistently excel academically, with many achieving top board exam results, ensuring a strong foundation for their future success. Mapúa graduates have excelled in various fields globally,” said Monteiro.

Aside from training them to excel academically, the school equips young minds with the necessary competencies to relate, interact, and contribute positively to society. To learn more about how you can join the ranks of the global-ready Mapúans, visit