How celebrity Matteo Guidicelli maintains positive outlook amid pandemic

Filipinos are innately resilient. We are known for weathering all kinds of storms, calamities, and tragedies with our warm smiles unrelenting. Thus, it would be interesting to know how some of us are dealing with the anxiety inevitably brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic.

For celebrity and triathlete Matteo Guidicelli, maintaining a positive attitude is crucial in quickly adapting to the current situation. “Our lifestyle somehow changed and our livelihood has been affected,” said the 30-year-old actor who is also at the same time a model, a businessman, and a military reservist.

For Guidicelli, staying healthy and strong amid this crisis is crucial. He recommends creating and keeping a routine for anyone to do the tasks they must accomplish on a daily basis.


Organized and productive

“Just because we are staying at home, it does not mean we do not have anything to do. There are so many chores, work, and more that are piling up. By maintaining a routine, it will be easier to go about all these activities,” Guidicelli said.

“I have set up a mini-gym (at home) where I do some biking every morning. In the afternoon I run and cook for my wife. I just try to make everything routine-based,” said the actor, who married fellow celebrity Sarah Geronimo in February this year.

He recommends online resources and videos available for free for everyone to be further guided when working out or carrying out physical exercises. Guidicelli wants to remind everyone that not owning proper workout equipment at home is not an excuse for having a healthy and fit lifestyle amid the pandemic.


Giving back to the community

Guidicelli also makes sure to use his influence responsibly and productively during these trying times. He recently organized an online benefit show called ‘One Voice PH’ that raised more than P10 million, which in turn funded efforts to distribute relief goods in indigent areas during the community quarantine.

Guidicelli also makes it a point to join the give-back programs of Santé , a brand of nutritional supplement that he is endorsing. The company aims to inspire more people to live more and do more, just like Guidicelli, who is openly all raves for the brand’s premier organic health and wellness products and services.