Advantages of using a well-rounded mobile banking app

(Press Release)

Restrictions in the new normal disrupt time-tested systems and processes. One of which is how people usually manage and grow their money through a bank visit, use of an ATM, and access to cash-heavy transactions. For Philippine Savings Bank (PSBank), the thrift banking arm of Metrobank Group, doing money-related transactions while stuck at home is an opportunity for account holders to appreciate and maximize the benefits of a comprehensive mobile banking app.

“As we continuously face the implications of the pandemic, easy, convenient, and safe access to banking services has become a necessity for Filipinos,” says Noel Tuazon, PSBank SVP and Marketing Head. “The use of an all-around mobile banking app not only addresses this concern but also helps users take control of their finances without having to worry about their safety.”

Through its ‘Good to Know!’ campaign, PSBank reminds customers of mobile banking app benefits that they can rely on during the quarantine:


It provides security.

An all-around app offers a suite of security features that makes customers feel safe when accessing their accounts. They may log in using their fingerprint or face ID (that is unique in every person), or enter the app using the Save Username feature (so they don’t need to type their username and password especially when they are out in public). If their card is lost or stolen, they can easily lock it using the app to prevent illegal access and funds withdrawal.


It allows real-time account management.

The app moves in real-time so users can stay updated on their account within seconds. With just a few taps, they can view their balances, transfer funds, deposit checks by uploading a photo, pay bills, and process payments to any bank account.


It enables users to grow their money anytime, anywhere.

Apart from the basic features of paying bills, transferring funds, and monitoring accounts 24/7, an all-around banking app also allows customers to build their finances and enroll in investment products in just a few clicks even at the comfort of their own homes.

All of these convenient and rewarding experiences are now embedded in the PSBank Mobile App. Now, enhanced with the new PSBank Mobile Time Deposit Placement (TDP) feature, customers can easily open a time deposit account without having to go to a branch. This earns them higher than regular savings accounts and yields guaranteed fixed-rate returns. Moreover, customers can choose to enjoy their payout in 30, 60, or 90 days.

TDP is open to all existing PSBank account holders with a Savings or Checking account enrolled in the mobile app. To access, customers simply log in to the app, tap on Place Time Deposit from the Create a Transaction menu in View My Accounts, and enter the amount, term, and maturity instruction. They can choose to deposit as low as P10,000.

“We always strive to give our clients an all-around banking experience that is easy, fast, and reliable. Now that we are in the new normal, we want to continue giving them that service through the mobile app, so we can serve our customers agad-agad,” ends Tuazon.