Check this out: Surprising follow up to Jollibee’s ‘Vow’ viral video ad

The tearjerker video ‘Vow’ released by Jollibee on Valentine’s 2017 has just become a heartwarming ad series. After five months, the giant fastfood chain released last weekend a sequel to the viral video ad.

The new video that promotes Jollibee’s Perfect Pairs (combo Chickenjoy meals) stuns with a twist. The story is now being told in the point of view of another girl, a new character who was missing in the first video, who ironically had been friendzoned by the main character (played by bodybuilder-turned-model MJ Tam).

In May, Jollibee released a video entitled ‘Parangal‘ (‘Tribute‘) in time for Mothers’ Day. It was also a sequel of one of the three Valentine video ads (‘Date’). We may be left guessing if the third video, ‘Reunion,’ would also have its own sequel in the future.

As of press time, Perfect Pairs video has been viewed 9.4 million times on Facebook and more than 201,000 times on YouTube. Watch the #JollibeePerfectPairs video here: