Property developer NextAsia unveils ₱8 billion innovative residential projects

Press Release

NEXTASIA Land, a value-driven and forward-thinking developer, proudly announces the launch of three groundbreaking residential communities in the South Luzon Region. With a combined revenue investment of 8 billion, these developments, all NXTGreen certified, redefine sustainable urban living and set a new standard for modernity in residential spaces.

Spanning a total area of 35 hectares, includes Estonia Calamba (5 hectares), Florence Lipa (10 hectares), and Cyprus Calauan (20 hectares). Estonia Calamba offers a modern living experience, Florence Lipa features innovative lifestyle amenities, and Cyprus Calauan sets a new benchmark for integrated community development. With a total of 3,500 units, each project blends modern amenities with serene surroundings, ensuring residents enjoy an unparalleled quality of life.

Each project within this initiative boasts innovative amenities designed to enhance residents’ quality of life. From high-speed broadband Internet access to solar-powered streetlights and Provision for EV charging stations, these developments prioritize sustainability and technological advancement.

As the demand for innovative housing solutions continues to rise, NextAsia’s latest venture anticipates generating an additional 8 billion in revenue, complementing the company’s ongoing projects. “At NextAsia Land, we go beyond mere development; we craft harmonious living spaces that enrich the lives of our residents,” remarked Cris Carreon, President & CEO at NextAsia Land Inc. “Through these projects, we are not only addressing the housing needs of the region but also contributing to the overall progress of the nation.”

NextAsia COO Dustin Carreon and CEO Cris Carreon

The launch of these residential communities aligns with the Philippine President’s agenda to address the country’s housing backlog, which currently stands at 6.5 million units. By providing high-quality housing options, NextAsia Land aims to support the government’s efforts in meeting this critical need.

In addition to NextAsia Land’s commitment to excellence, the success of these projects is made possible through strategic partnerships with key stakeholders. Partners include SB Capital, RCBC, BPI, UnionBank, PAGIBIG, China Bank, Leechiu Property Consultant, and Converge, whose support has been instrumental in bringing these developments to fruition.

“We are grateful for the support of our partners, whose expertise and resources have been invaluable throughout this journey,” added Carreon. “Together, we are confident that these residential communities will not only meet but exceed the expectations of our residents.”

As NextAsia Land continues to expand its presence in the South and other major cities in the Philippines, it remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering innovative and sustainable real estate solutions that enrich the lives of communities across the country.