Olay Bodyscience brings Bright and Win to Watsons and Robinsons stores

Olay BodyScience knows that fans can’t wait to see Thai Boy Love (BL) superstars Bright Vachirawit and Win Metawin together again. That is why it has teamed up with Watsons and Robinsons to take the two well-loved celebrities all over stores nationwide.

Don’t be surprised to see Bright and Win all over Olay BodyScience shelved across the country. You can now get your Olay BodyScience radiant skin ready to have photos taken with the BL heartthrobs through the pair’s in-store ads.

Moreover, join Bright and Win on their journey to radiant skin though taking advantage of Watsons’ payday weekends, wherein a 20% discount can be availed on all Olay BodyScience body wash. You can even get luckier by getting the chance to get P50 off on your purchase.

Since Olay announced signing up Bright and Win as official endorsers, Filipino fans have been fed with BrightWin content. The BL fandom had its power felt when Olay BodyScience products sold like hotcakes online and on store shelves during the 11.11 sale. As a gift, Olay gave away exclusive access to a BrightWin video that has never been seen before.

Olay BodyScience body wash with Niacinamide has a formula that helps improve uneven skin tone, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, brighten the skin, and minimize enlarged pores. Olay BodySciences promises to cleanse and nourish, giving its users bright and radiant skin in just 28 days.

Get the Olay BodyScience Crème Bodywash Cleansing and Brightening from Watsons.