OPPO announces its first foldable flagship smartphone and other innovations

(Press Release)

We are constantly on the lookout for technologies that will make our lives easier, and every year, tech companies introduce new products to suit our ever-evolving needs and wants. Global smart device brand OPPO recently held its annual OPPO INNO DAY, a yearly presentation to introduce its groundbreaking gadgets and software.

The two-day global event themed “Reimaging the Future,” was packed with keynote speeches from OPPO executives including CEO Tony Chen and CPO Pete Lau, presentations for the highly anticipated new AR glasses and OPPO’s own foldable smartphone. All these were made accessible through a virtual reality gathering in OPPO INNO World where tech-heads could meet and celebrate the new innovations together.

Fans from all over the world gathered in the OPPO INNO WORLD virtual playground to watch all the keynote speeches together.

Sound exciting? Here’s a rundown of all the technologies first unveiled during OPPO INNO DAY that have us counting down the days ‘til they’re officially available in the Philippines:


The most practical foldable smartphone

Launching its first-ever foldable flagship phone, OPPO introduces the Find N, the result of four years of hard work and prototyping. Unveiled during the second day by OPPO’s Chief Product Officer Pete Lau, the Find N is a sleek device that promises a seamless 7.1” display when unfolded (5.49” when folded), grounded on the Flexion Hinge, which Lau calls “the best hinge design available today,” as it practically eliminates the gap between displays.

OPPO customized the user interface to operate better and more efficiently in compatible apps. For example, in the Notes app, the OPPO Find N can convert into a mini laptop allowing you to take notes without needing to hold the device. Since the Find N can freely stand at various angles, the device also serves as its own tripod, making 4K HD time-lapse imaging, video calls, and online meetings easy and hands-free.

The software of the OPPO Find N is optimized to allow users to smoothly and naturally switch between the folded and unfolded screens, relaying content seamlessly between the inner and outer displays. The Find N also supports a range of keyboard customizations, allowing users to use a split keyboard to make typing easier when the smartphone is unfolded.

The OPPO Find N also comes with several split-screen features, including Parallel Window, which allows users to multitask with different windows open on either side of the display, and a split-camera interface, which allows you to take images and videos on one side, and view, share or delete on the other.

OPPO Find N, the brand’s first-ever foldable smartphone, features the Flexion Hinge, which removes any crease on the display, making for a seamless user experience.

Groundbreaking assisted reality glasses

Its first commercially available AR glasses, OPPO Air Glass is a lightweight monocle that acts as an extension of your smartphone, projecting images as if it’s front of your eyes thanks to its Spark Micro Projector. With a unique cicada wing design, the OPPO Air Glass uses the compact projection system – just about the size of a coffee bean – to deliver bright and sharp content, whether indoors or outdoors.

Controlled via your Color OS11-powered OPPO phone or OPPO Watch 2, the Air Glass allows you to view and clear notifications, get weather updates, monitor health data, and even access real-time translation with just touch, voice, head movements, and hand motions.

OPPO AIR Glass allows users to keep updated and stay in control of their lives, without having to touch their smartphone.

Cutting-edge Imaging NPU

The smart device brand’s first-ever imaging neural processing unit, called MariSiliconX, was the headliner on Day 1, promising to deliver incredible image processing power. Set to debut with the Find X Series in 2022, the microchip enables real-time RAW processing to capture stunning 4K HDR and AI Night videos, making it the most advanced imaging processing unit available in a smartphone.

The MariSilicon X NPU is OPPO’s first-ever custom microchip, designed to make your photos and videos as vivid and high-definition as ever.

While OPPO has announced the upcoming availability of these devices and technologies in China, we can’t wait to see all these innovations on our shores soon.

To know more about OPPO Inno Day 2021 and OPPO’s new innovations, visit OPPO’s official website at www.oppo.com/ph or via official Facebook page at OPPO Philippines.