Capture 2021’s best memories in printouts with Original HP Supplies

(Press Release)

A brand-new year is upon us. And to many, it is a renewed opportunity to make better and more significant memories. As people like to keep their best moments fresh in their minds, they seek the benefit of photographs, videos, journals, and diaries, to remind them of beautiful moments to look back to even years after.

To some, having photographs and artworks printed is one way to keep these joyful memories alive. These prints visually remind people of their fondest moments, allowing them to have a stronger connection with their own beautiful adventures. With this, it is no doubt that people invest in good equipment—like printers and inks—to help them bring to life their best experiences.

HP has been in the business of producing printers and original inks to create fade-resistant photos and documents that best capture one’s favorite moments. People can rely on Original HP toner cartridges to give them a reliable printing performance that works the first time, every time. It also assures customers of top-notch print quality page-after-page, so people can save more without having to do multiple reprints.

According to a review by technicians, HP truly offers the best print quality and reliability, as shown by fewer service calls from their customers.

Aside from its fade-resistant feature, Original HP toners are also engineered to contain 100% recycled content, which makes it a more sustainable choice compared to other performers in the market. By opting for these cartridges, people can support global sustainability efforts in their own little way by reducing their carbon footprint.

Good indoor air quality can also be maintained as Original HP toners are produced to be water-based for odorless, low-emission printing. These inks meet the eco-label emission criteria, so people can be confident that their health is always preserved in their homes and offices.

To further safety, HP secures the production process for Original office cartridges at every step—from chip design to programming, installation, packaging, all the way to tracking—to recognize and mitigate possible security risks that may enter one’s laptop or PC.

With these desirable features only from HP, people can have the best-quality prints sustainably, safely, and securely. Turn your most joyful memories into printouts you can grasp! The Original HP Supplies cartridges are available through this link.