Pacific Cross endorser Christopher de Leon cites 3 P’s for pandemic survival

(Press Release)

As mobility restrictions and other measures to stop the spread of Covid-19 continue in the Philippines, keeping a healthy and balanced lifestyle can be challenging, especially for adults over 60.

For screen veteran, Covid-19 survivor, and Pacific Cross Philippines brand ambassador Christopher de Leon, there are some key factors that help him cope with stress and uncertainty. These were instrumental also in his recovery from the virus, which he contracted in March 2020.

Here are the three P’s that have helped De Leon obtain physical, mental, and financial well-being.



Going through some of the toughest challenges in life can be a spiritual as well as physical experience for De Leon.  While confined in the hospital due to Covid-19, he said that he prayed deeply and fervently, drawing strength from Bible passages and from his family members who were praying just as intently at home.

De Leon, along with his wife Sandy, has always believed in the power of prayer. They believe that prayer is not only a source of comfort, it is also a source of strength. Praying has made their family closer and has helped them overcome the most difficult of times.



Having found the right partner in Sandy has helped him go through life’s ups and downs. “During these difficult times, we are each other’s anchors,” De Leon said.

He advised that staying connected with a loved one – whether a person or a beloved pet–is important for mental health. This is particularly important amidst the current pandemic, wherein many people have struggled with feelings of isolation and loneliness.



The actor also points to keeping a healthy lifestyle as the key to his recovery.  Christopher de Leon believes in the basics of health and wellness–a balanced diet, regular physical activity, and a positive mindset. “As we grow older, keeping to these basics becomes more important than ever,” he said.

A surge in healthy lifestyles is being seen as the pandemic persists. Additionally, in this climate of uncertainty, many Filipinos are also learning to care for their financial health to protect themselves from the burden of huge medical expenses if they get sick.

For De Leon, this is an important part of being prepared. “In addition to the support I received from family and friends, the assistance Pacific Cross gave me allowed me to focus on my recovery. I’m proud to call Pacific Cross family!” he said.

De Leon joined Pacific Cross to urge more people to get reliable and comprehensive medical and travel insurance coverage.  With the country and the rest of the world still grappling with Covid-19 and its variants, Pacific Cross Philippines is amplifying its efforts to raise the importance of financial preparedness and ample medical protection, anytime, anywhere.