PSBank shares tips on how to keep hackers away this holiday season

The gift-giving season is again here! As Filipinos get busier each day buying gifts for families and friends, fraudsters also get busy finding ways to steal money from unsuspecting victims.

In August 2019, the government signed Republic Act No. 11449 into law, making bank hacking as a heinous crime punishable by imprisonment—requiring a fine of up to P5 million. To support this move, PSBank shares helpful tips to protect your hard-earned money this holiday season.

1. Avoid clicking links in suspicious emails.
Special offer messages on your mailbox are usually from hackers, aiming to gain access to your online bank or credit card account via phishing. Do not provide your username and/or password to anyone online. As a clue, most hackers often use misleading and suspicious URLs (misspelled URLs like

2. Do not provide your personal account information over the phone.
Voice phishing or vishing allows thieves to access your account by asking you your account number, PIN, or CVV code. The fraudsters will call you to pretend to be official representatives of banks to ask you about your banking details. It would always be safer to do transactions involving your account over-the-counter at your bank.

3. Lock your ATM card and use Cardless Withdrawal.
Beware when withdrawing funds via automated teller machines (ATMs). Skimmers can install a device on such machines to capture your personal information whenever you insert your card into the ATM. Thus, it is more advisable to use Cardless Withdrawal procedures (like the one offered by PSBank) when withdrawing funds from your bank account. PSBank’s ATM Lock is another option as it makes the ATM card useless if it falls into the wrong hands. Simply activate the ATM Lock feature online or via the PSBank Mobile app.

4. Update and use the official bank app.
Always use the official app of your bank. Such apps are reinforced with tighter security protocols that can make virtual attackers powerless. PSBank’s mobile platform facilitates quick account views, money transfers using PaSend and PayMe, Mobile Check Deposits, and more.

PSBank’s ‘Be Aware!’ consumer protection campaign provides clients with the necessary information to protect users and their hard-earned savings against scammers.