Red Ribbon introduces an FB Messenger-based ordering service crew

(Press Release)


As families mark special moments from the comfort of their homes these days—birthdays, anniversaries, graduation—one thing remains constant: a Red Ribbon cake or pastry! Knowing how much these celebrations mean the world to everyone, and in their desire to fulfill their commitment towards customer safety and satisfaction, Red Ribbon proudly introduces RIA –the brand’s smart and friendly online service crew who will assist customers in ordering their favorite Red Ribbon cakes and pastries via Facebook Messenger.

“At Red Ribbon, we are constantly seeking ways for our customers to conveniently and safely enjoy our products especially during these times,” says Red Ribbon Marketing Head Kent Mariano. “In introducing RIA, we immediately thought of making her available on Messenger, which is widely-used and easy to access. What’s more, our customers can chat with RIA wherever they may be through their mobile device.”

So, who is RIA, you may ask? RIA is a contemporary and young take on a popular Filipina name, “Maria.” She is sweet – caring, thoughtful, genuine; vibrant – charming and light-hearted; and not to mention smart – highly knowledgeable and intuitive when it comes to customer’s needs. As your friendly online crew, when you interact with RIA, you can expect a respectful, concise, sweet, and easy to understand response that makes ordering a thoroughly pleasant and enjoyable experience.

Popular TV host, social media maven, and advocate Bianca Gonzalez-Intal is the inspiration behind RIA, Red Ribbon’s smart online service crew that makes ordering a breeze. Intelligent and no-nonsense; plus, a caring mother and devoted wife, Bianca is the perfect personification of RIA in real life!

And when you think of RIA, who should she remind you of in real life? None other than popular television host, social media maven and advocate Bianca Gonzalez-Intal. Everyone knows Bianca as intelligent and no-nonsense, a caring mother, and a devoted wife—who better then to serve as the inspiration behind RIA?

Now, how does one order through RIA? It’s mobile-friendly and easy as 1-2-3, just take note of these simple steps:

1. Go to Messenger and search Red Ribbon Bakeshop.

2. Type “order” or click “Order Now” then choose how you would like to receive your order.

3. Choose your product from the menu, and then proceed to checkout.

Customers are given the option to choose how they’d like to receive their order, whether it’s through Red Ribbon Delivery, Self-Pick-up, or Pick-up thru Grab. You can pay with cash or select among the available cashless payment options such as credit card including Visa, Mastercard and JCB, Paymaya, or Happy Plus (the last payment mode is for self pick-up orders only).

Through RIA, customers can order bestsellers such as Black Forest, Chocolate Dedication Cake, Rainbow Dedication Cake and Triple Chocolate Roll and favorites such as Mocha Dedication Cake, Cheesy Ensaimada, Butter Mamon, and Moist Choco Slice plus many more! One can also specify their personal message on their dedication cake order and add extra candles or fun theme toppers!

So, the next time you and your family have something special to celebrate at home, or if you’re simply craving for your Red Ribbon favorites, chat with RIA on Messenger now and have these delivered to your home safely and conveniently or picked up from your favorite Red Ribbon store. Take it from Bianca who knows that life is sweeter with a little bit of help from #RIAofRedRibbon!