Enjoy fresh starts with Red Ribbon’s New Mango Sunrise Cake & New Bread Rolls

(Press Release)

It’s no secret that people all over the world have never been this excited to welcome a new year. With all the challenges that 2020 has brought, the beginning of 2021 brings in new hope and an opportunity for a fresh start.

This year of fresh starts gives us a chance to remind ourselves again of the things that make us special, to reunite with those we’ve missed the most, and to revisit important moments—all made sweeter and more special with Red Ribbon’s newest offering, the New Mango Sunrise Cake! With this refreshingly mango-creamy treat from Red Ribbon, people can celebrate important milestones with a dessert creation that truly evokes feelings of hope and happiness.

The all-new Red Ribbon Mango Sunrise is made with delightfully soft chiffon cake, layered and topped with delicious mango cream and real mango chunks. It also features a design that greatly resembles the sun dawning from the sky, with the mango chunks and syrup right at the center of the cake, enclosed in white icing that mimics soft, fluffy clouds on a sunny day. In addition, Red Ribbon’s Mango Sunrise Cake bears Pantone’s color pick for the year, Illuminating (bright yellow), making it a burst of sunshine and happiness for your celebrations this year.

Moreover, you can look forward to new mornings with Red Ribbon’s new delectable Bread Rolls in Chocolate, Raisin, and Classic flavors!

The new Chocolate Bread Rolls are made with Red Ribbon’s signature chocolate chunks while the new Raisin Bread Rolls are made with delightfully sweet raisins. Meanwhile, the new Classic Bread Rolls are baked so soft and delicious—you can eat on its own, enjoy it with any spread, or pair it with your favorite beverage.

Surely, a new year may not exactly mean a magic reset button, but as people honor the possibility of positive change, restored hope, and the end of one chapter and beginning of the next, they can remind themselves that every day is one step closer to brighter days.

Share sweet moments with loved ones over a delicious slice of the all-new Red Ribbon Mango Sunrise. Price starts at ₱490 for the Junior Size and ₱700 for the Regular Size, now available in all outlets nationwide.

Enjoy Red Ribbon’s deliciousness everyday with Chocolate and Raisin Bread Rolls, each priced at ₱65 per 8-pc. pack, and the Classic Bread Rolls priced at ₱70 per 16-pc. pack, now available in all stores nationwide.

You can order as well via Red Ribbon’s #87777 Hotline, by chatting for your order with RIA on Facebook Messenger (m.me/redribbonbakeshop), or by ordering though the GrabFood and Foodpanda apps.