Redmi Note 13 Series makes 512GB accessible to all

Press Release

Are you tired of limited storage on your smartphone? Do you regret deleting precious photos, videos, or apps to make space? Want more storage without burning a hole in your pocket?

If yes, you’re not alone. We’ve all been there, having to delete precious photos, videos, and apps just to free up some space on our devices. If we don’t, our phones start acting up, crashing, freezing, and lagging like crazy!

In a world where everyone’s recording 4K videos and snapping epic photos non-stop, storage shouldn’t be an issue. That’s why Xiaomi has created the ultimate mobile storage solution: the Redmi Note 13 Series–the latest gem in Xiaomi’s reliable Redmi Note family of smartphones with a whopping 512GB of internal storage on every model, plus an awesome camera that makes each shot iconic, at a most affordable price point!

Massive 512GB internal storage

With a colossal 512GB of space on the Redmi Note 13 Series, you’ll have more than enough room to store all your favorite stuff! You can fit hundreds of thousands of photos, songs, and videos, or dozens to hundreds of video games (depending on the file size) on this device. Should you need more, you can expand with a microSD card up to 1TB.

This means you don’t need to delete or transfer files. Just keep everything you want on your device and access it anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re a photographer, music enthusiast, gamer, student, professional, or all the above, this device offers the ultimate mobile storage experience.

Affordable Price Point

You might think that such a generous storage capacity comes at a hefty price, but you’d be wrong. It’s actually surprisingly affordable and gives you a whole lot of bang for your buck.

Redmi Note 13 Series offers three models below with varying features, but all boast a huge 512GB internal storage, expandable microSD card storage up to 1TB, 12GB RAM power, plus a 16MP selfie camera and an incredible 200MP main camera that makes every shot iconic. Pick the one that aligns best with your needs and budget: 

  • The Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G is the most premium model of the series. With a captivating 6.67″ AMOLED curved screen and a speedy MediaTek chip, this device lets you enjoy your content to your heart’s content, with vibrant visuals and seamless performance. It comes in three colors: Midnight Black, Moonlight White, and Aurora Purple, and is available for only 23,999.
  • The Redmi Note 13 Pro 5G is the mid-range model and is perfect for multitasking. It has a vivid, flat 6.67″ display that lets you enjoy your content and apps on a large screen. It runs on a Snapdragon processor, ensuring smooth performance and fast switching between tasks. Available in Midnight Black, Ocean Teal, and Aurora Purple colors, and is priced for only 18,999.
  • The Redmi Note 13 Pro is the budget-friendly model with a 6.67″ AMOLED screen, you can enjoy playing all your downloaded games on a bright and vivid display. Running on a MediaTek processor, this device ensures smooth and fast performance. Available in Midnight Black, Lavender Purple, and Forest Green for only 15,999.

Elevate your mobile experience with the Redmi Note 13 Series

If you are looking for a smartphone that can handle all your storage needs and more, the Redmi Note 13 Series offers the perfect digital lifestyle companions. 

It’s available on Lazada, Shopee, TikTok Shop, and authorized Xiaomi stores. For more information, visit Xiaomi Philippines’ website and Facebook page. Grab yours today and enjoy the benefits of having more storage, more fun, and zero compromise.