Ringke Iron Tablet Stand: A hands-free device holder for organized people

Remain organized, yet looking very sophisticated and stylish when you bring your devices in the coffee shop, in your home office, in the meeting room, or just about anywhere you are allowed to go and keep connected working or doing leisure stuff in the new normal.

The Ringke Iron Tablet Stand is your revolutionary and very stylish hands-free device holder you can bring anywhere and use anytime. Truly, the brand keeps its commitment when it says, “Our best innovations are designed with you in mind.”

This useful accessory is also best recommended for individuals who are fond of using their smartphone or tablet when following recipes online, watching shows while multitasking, or doing just about any activity while using their gadget at the same time.

When you get to take a closer look at its unique features, you’ll instantly realize that it’s a must-have device accessory. Check these out:

Anti-skid silicone pad

Never worry about the setup possibly being unstable when placed on any kind of table or surface. The anti-skid silicone pad underneath the base will take care of your worries. It is there for strong and stable mounting for the overall protection of the setup and the device.


Cable hole

If your device needs to charge in the middle of a meeting, don’t worry about having the wires creating a mess in your neat table setup. There’s a cable hole slot underneath the base, to run through either hole in the left or right side of the holder or directly at the charging port of the device (at its bottom).


Pull handle

The adjustable pull handle makes the Ringke Iron Tablet Stand fully compatible with various smartphone and tablet sizes. It can fit in devices that are between 5.5 inches to 12 inches.


Anti-scratch silicone grip

In the interior side of the body is the anti-scratch silicone grip. This is strategically installed in the area to prevent possible scratching of the back surface of your precious device.


360-Degree Rotate

Unconstrained rotation is made possible by the three rotational joints that facilitate the setting of the device at the right or preferred angle. Once your gadget is mounted in the stand, just use the joints to achieve your desired angle.

The Ringke Iron Tablet Stand is available in white or black, while the big holder variant is available in white. The color and design easily blend with just about any work or leisure station, table, or room.

It is available at Shopee Mall at 55% of the original price—₱1,122 to ₱1,299 with free shipping offer within Metro Manila and other areas. Watch out for it at the 10.10 Brands Festival. Click here to check out or buy the Ringke Iron Tablet Stand.