Lifestyle Tips: How to keep your kitchen safer for the holidays

(Press Release)

The pandemic may have cancelled a lot of celebrations this 2020, but Christmas isn’t going to be one of them!

Holiday prep is going to be a lot different this year, but you can keep family traditions alive and just as bright with some extra preparation. And since dining out may not be the best way to go, there’s a new battleground this season – the kitchen.

With the COVID-19 anxieties adding to the expected mayhem of the holiday rush, here are three easy must-dos to effectively manage and ensure a safer kitchen for the holidays.


1. Think ahead and pre-order if possible.

If you’re getting tired of waiting in line because of limited capacities in the supermarket, imagine what this would be like come Christmas time. With a still uncertain turnout of the pandemic, the limited mobility would most likely extend until the holidays.

Impromptu supermarket runs will be more difficult, and online groceries don’t have huge inventories of items so things will likely go out-of-stock. Perhaps it’s high time to plan your menu for Noche Buena, the ingredients to purchase, and their shelf lives for storage. This will not just help you avoid inconveniences in the future, but also gives you more time to prepare for other stuff on the holidays. A lot of specialty stores have already opened slots for Holiday pre-orders, too, so if you’re eyeing that lechon for your Christmas feast, make sure you get your name on that list!

2. Step up the cleaning game.

Since you’ll be handling food meant for everyone, the kitchen should be the cleanest part of the house. You’ll be touching everything from kitchenware, to wet ingredients, to family members, and back. With the worries of possible virus transmission, you’ll need to level up the sanitation in your kitchen.

When it comes to cleanliness, more is more: more napkins to control moisture that may attract food contaminants; more sanitizers/ hand soaps in various corners of the house for people entering and exiting the kitchen; and disinfectants to clean surfaces where you will be cooking and serving your meals. It pays to upgrade cleaning practice to further ensure safety in your household!


3. Invest in smart, safe, and reliable kitchen equipment.

Before you even get to the food, make sure you have the right equipment. There are a lot of next-generation cookware for cutting, peeling, and cooking food that might help you work faster. Invest in them! These tools will help save a lot of time and energy for other important things like bonding with the family and buying presents for Christmas.

More importantly, invest in safer kitchen essentials like the LPG you will use in cooking. It’s almost trivial to double-check the brands of your fuel source, but verifying your LPG is crucial in protecting the safety of your family and your properties. Choose only verified LPG brands like Solane to ensure that the fuel you’ll use is clean, safe, and adequate for any kind of celebration. Verified Solane tanks are thoroughly inspected from refilling to installation which also guarantees that your household will not be exposed to potential gas leaks that may lead to mishaps like fire accidents, gas poisoning, and explosions.

Despite the many challenges of living through a pandemic, the holiday this year doesn’t have to be sadder, only safer! By doing these steps, you’re sure to not only make the most out of your holidays but also preserve the safety and well-being of you and your family amidst and beyond the celebrations.




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