5 factors that make the Samsung Galaxy Buds your best in-ear companion

For people with a passionate lifestyle, the Samsung Galaxy Buds could be the best in-ear buddy to hit stores. For a moment, the audio accessory stole the thunder during the recent Samsung Galaxy S10 launch. But it could perfectly work with other Samsung Galaxy models as well.

As a wireless earpiece, this accessory boasts of the ability to connect seamlessly and instantly via Bluetooth. A user can switch between any screen and the wearable device in just seconds so no action can possibly be missed.

Tech and Lifestyle Journal is listing five other best reasons to buy and use the Samsung Galaxy Buds today.

Small charging case
One striking edge of the Samsung Galaxy Buds over its tough competitor, Apple’s AirPods, is its strikingly smaller charging case (about 30% smaller than its Samsung earbuds predecessor). They say great things come in small packages—in this case, the Galaxy Buds, despite its smaller case, charges more, leading to longer hours of continuous usage.

Users can use this accessory to play music continuously for up to six hours and to talk on the phone for up to five hours just on a single charge.

Wireless charging
You will surely rave about the Samsung Galaxy Bud’s ability to charge wirelessly—a feature most of its contemporaries don’t possess. For sure, you were amazed at how this can be done using the Wireless PowerShare technology inherent to the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S10 mobile phones.

Better sound quality
Thanks to the audio tuning by acoustic sound specialist AKG, the Samsung Galaxy Buds has improved the audio quality coming from a wireless earpiece. Expect it to deliver no less than rich and high-resolution live sound.

It can make talk time easier through its speech enhancement capability. The Adaptive Microphone technology facilitates a seamless switch between inner and outer microphones. The Quick Ambient Mode allows sounds from the surroundings to stream without removing the device.

Ergonomic design
The ear accessories can fit well in your ears. The ergonomic design uses advanced and lightweight materials to ensure comfortable and snug fit all the time. And yes, the earbuds look fashionable and good in your ears, you may intend to use it as a fashion accessory to complement your lifestyle getup.
The slim and compact design makes it more convenient to store in your pocket or bag. The Samsung Galaxy Buds is available in black or white.

Reasonable price tag
Best of all, the Samsung Galaxy Buds is shaking up the competition with its very competitive price—P6,990. That is more reasonable compared to the Airpods. It is now available in local and online stores.