Samsung recommends Spotify playlists for inspiration and relaxation

Samsung is teaming up with Spotify to make it easier for users to access their playlists across all their Galaxy devices and to enjoy a personalized soundtrack based on their routine through the Bixby integration for Spotify.

These Spotify playlists are recommended by the technology brand to help Samsung Galaxy users relax and be inspired any time of the day, wherever they may be. Be inspired and relaxed more by using the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ for a more immersive listening experience.

Playlists for wellness

The Wellness hub soothes the mind, the body, and the soul. You can choose from several wellness playlists depending on your choice—yoga, meditation, or exercise, among others. Samsung recommends the Sunrise Yoga playlist or the Tibetan Bowls playlist for meditation sessions.

Nature sounds

Nature sounds can calm your anxious mind. Feel the calm from the sound of the rain in the Gentle Rains playlist or enjoy the invigorating sounds of animals through the Birds In the Forest playlist.

Classical music

Timeless pieces will always be a favorite. Let your mind be soothed by the works of the greatest classical and contemporary composers. Classical songs can help you keep your focus, reduce stress, and induce relaxation.

Calming morning and bedtime tunes

Aiming to have a goodnight’s sleep tonight? Let listening to relaxing music be of help. Samsung recommends the Fresh Start playlist in the morning to refresh and jumpstart your day.

Empowering podcasts

Embrace good mental health and eliminate negative thoughts through listening to empowering podcasts to encourage self-love and happiness. Listen to the podcasts of TED Talks Daily, Esther Perel, The Savvy Psychologist, Jay Shetty, and The Mindset Mentor.

Samsung recommends pairing the Galaxy Buds+ with a powerful smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S20 for a more cinematic viewing experience.