ScreenSingapore announces film-finalists for SAFF Project Market 2020

ScreenSingapore—Southeast Asia’s definitive marketplace for filmmakers, producers, distributors, financiers, and film buyers—has announced the finalists for the Southeast Asian Film Financing (SAFF) Project Market 2020.

There are 10 film projects that were selected based on co-production viabilities and the strength of the filmmaking team. Those come from countries like the Philippines, China, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Myanmar, Singapore, and Thailand.

Since its launch in 2015, the SAFF Project Market has emerged as a recognized regional platform for established and upcoming content creators to come together and present their projects to the international marketplace.

The finalists will be able to meet with financiers, commissioners, and investors who will be able to bridge them with the resources needed to take their projects to a global audience. The chosen projects will join the ranks of SAFF Project Market alumni who have seen their projects produced, undergo production, or acquire financing.

“The SAFF Project Market funnels expertise and resource from people all over the world and brings them ‘to-the-table’ with filmmakers for projects that have the potential for a worldwide audience. Their input gave me different perspectives that have been beneficial to the projects that we have in development,” said Anne Prado-Magadia, President of Atome & Anne Mediaworks, a previous participant.

Here are the 10 film finalists this year.

A Million Way to Return Home

Country: Singapore

Genre: Comedy/ Family Drama

Language: Bengali/ English, Mandarin

Chasing a Dream

Country: Thailand

Genre: Musical

Language: Thai/ English



Country: Malaysia

Genre: Found Footage/ Thriller

Language: English/ Mandarin


Father’s Office

Country: Myanmar

Genre: Documentary

Language: English/ Burmese


First Light

Country: Singapore/ China/ the Netherlands

Genre: Near Sci-Fi

Language: English/ Mandarin/ Dutch


Hungry Ghost Diner

Country: Malaysia

Genre: Supernatural/ Family Drama

Language: Mandarin



Country: Thailand/ the Philippines

Genre: Narrative/ LGBTQ/ Drama

Language: Thai/ Tagalog


Sugar Sugar

Country: Singapore/ Thailand

Genre: Documentary Feature

Language: English/ Japanese/ Filipino/ Mandarin


Swan River

Country: the Philippines

Genre: Drama/ Thriller/ Survival

Language: English/ Tagalog


Zsazsa Zaturnnah

Country: the Philippines

Genre: Animation

Language: English



Asian and European producers

At the same time, SAFF Project Market 2020 brings Ties that Bind (TTB), a workshop project program that combines producer training, project development, and co-production meetings focusing on cooperation between European and Asian producers. This comes as part of the Asia TV Forum & Market (ATF) and ScreenSingapore’s lineup of events.

A total of five Asian and five European producers with their projects under development have been selected as participants in the workshop, slated from November 16 to 30, 2020. These producers will have the opportunity to meet decision-makers at the ATF Online+ platform from December 1 to 4, 2020.


Dancing the Tides
Country: the Philippines
Genre: Drama/ Romance/ Queer/ Transgender
Company: vy/ac Productions


Fruit Gathering
Country: Myanmar
Genre: Drama
Company: Third Floor Production


Lost and Found
Country: Taiwan
Genre: Drama
Company: House on Fire International


Lost Daughter
Country: Denmark
Genre: Drama
Company: Beo Starling


Mrs Raffles
Country: UK/ Sngapore
Genre: Historical Drama Series
Company: 108 Media


Purple Sun
Country: Singapore/ Japan
Genre: Drama
Company: Jackfruit International


The Greenhouse
Country: Germany
Genre: Drama
Company: Funferfilm


The Rope
Country: Italy
Genre: Sci-Fi
Company: Nefertiti Film


Uk Kei
Country: Portugal
Genre: Drama/ Coming of Age
Company: Uma Pedra no Sapato


Youthfully Yours
Country: Vietnam
Genre: Drama/ Queer
Company: East Films