Sony launches Creators Program to showcase creativity using camera setups

Janina Manipol, Cha Ocampo, and Gabs Gibbs
Press Release

In today’s social media era, individuals have a new avenue to showcase their creativity and self-expression through captivating visual content. This transformation turns content creation into a way to communicate and connect in the digital age while earning at the same time.

As a global trailblazer in cameras, Sony Philippines has launched the Creators Program, an initiative where both aspiring and well-established content creators can cultivate their personal brands by learning various tips and tricks shared in Sony workshops, while connecting with fellow content creators and building strong relationships in the industry. Moreover, this program aims to empower aspiring content creators with cutting-edge camera setups designed to be companions for capturing stunning stills and cinematic moments.

Shoot anytime and anywhere with a compact and lightweight design

As creators living a dynamic lifestyle and always on the move to capture diverse content, it is important to keep quality a top priority, no matter where or when inspiration strikes! Travel and lifestyle content creator Janina Manipol ensures to showcase her creativity skills while managing her businesses. 

“I’ve been a Sony user for almost a decade now. As a filmmaker and content creator, the attention to detail in color science and low-light performance is something I can’t live without. Sony understands the needs of creators and provides such a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for anyone wanting to try! Sony’s α7C II, in particular, is a perfect balance between compact size and powerful features, making it incredibly versatile for on-the-go shooting–indeed, a game-changer for someone like me who’s always on the move,” Janina explained why she prefers using Sony gear for content creation.

Sony’s α7C II enables you to create high-quality content even on the go– offering enhanced overall responsiveness with high-speed readout, improved low-light performance with its high sensitivity, and a cinematic appearance with low noise and highly accurate color reproduction. All these features are packed into an impressively compact, lightweight body that is compatible with gimbal or drone-mounted shooting.

Capture stills and movies with premium quality capabilities

In any content genre, be it lifestyle, travel, food, or others, you will need a camera that caters to your specific needs, providing reliable performance with exceptional quality to bring your creative vision to life. As a travel and lifestyle content creator who has been a Sony user since 2017, Cha Ocampo highlights the advantages of using the right professional camera to consistently produce high-quality content.

“One thing I’ve noticed when using my Sony cameras is the autofocus. It’s so fast and easy; the newer versions of cameras even have a subject tracker. Also, when using a professional camera versus a smartphone, you instantly notice the difference in quality. Everything just seems dreamier when shooting with the right camera and lens!” Cha shared her insights on the benefits for content creators when using Sony gear.

Sony’s α6700 Premium E-mount APS-C Camera can capture stunning 4K-quality videos. It also offers AF tracking with object recognition from humans, animals, transportation, and more, leaving creators free to concentrate on framing and composition. 

Meanwhile, for Gabs Gibbs, a creative director as well as a fashion and lifestyle content creator who is deeply passionate about prioritizing overall quality in her work, both Sony cameras have been reliable tools for her in creating and expressing her art. “Sony has the best quality for low-light settings. It’s such an easy device to work with, yet it provides the options and quality of a heavy-duty camera,” she shared.

Sony’s α7C II Compact Full-frame Camera is priced at 129,999, with an option to purchase the kit, which includes a 28-60mm zoom lens, for 149,999. Additionally, Sony’s α6700 Premium E-mount APS-C Camera is available at 89,999.

Check out these cameras tailored for the creator in you!

α7C II Compact Full-frame Camera:

α6700 Premium E-mount APS-C Camera:  

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