Sore throat is now the second major symptom of Covid-19 infection

(Press Release)

With the continued spread of Covid-19 that has infected more than two million Filipinos, many fear that their dry coughs and sore throats may be a symptom of the dreaded disease. And it is a cause for concern as these two are some of the most common symptoms of Covid-19, according to the World Health Organization.

While there are no cures for Covid-19 currently, it is important to address symptoms as they come in order to recover faster. For sore throat, that means taking Strepsils lozenges at the first signs of throat discomfort.


Lozenges offer considerable advantage over a gargle

Results of a clinical study suggested that among sore throat product formats, “lozenges offer considerable advantages over a gargle,” noting that lozenges offer faster, effective, and longer relief for throat pain.

The same study found that lozenges were more advantageous than gargles and the benefits were seen in terms of the proportion of medicine delivered to and cleared from the mouth and throat combined.

Lozenges offer faster, effective, and longer relief for throat pain vs gargles.

Unlike gargles which are expelled from the mouth, lozenges were kept in the mouth longer, providing a steadier supply of medicine to the throat. This results in greater activity in both the mouth and the throat for up to 20 minutes even after the lozenge is completely dissolved. Thus, the study conducted that lozenges provide fast, effective, and prolonged delivery of active ingredients beneficial for sore throat relief.


2-in-1 defense against symptoms of sore throat

Sore throats are a common symptom experienced by people with Covid-19.  Strepsils, the tried-and-tested lozenge brand for almost 50 years, has been indicated for the symptomatic relief of sore throat including those caused by Covid-19. It provides 2-in-1 defense by killing viruses and germs in as fast as 60 seconds and provides deep-down long-lasting relief that lasts two hours, unlike gargles.

Get 2-in-1 defense at the first signs of sore throat with Strepsils.

So if you’re looking for immediate and longer relief for sore throat pain, take Strepsils to get symptomatic relief to help you feel better from the sore throat. Always follow the health protocols including wearing face masks, face shields, social distancing, and hand washing, to prevent the spread of Covid-19. If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare professional.


Strepsils offer a wide range of products for different sore throat needs

  • For mild sore and itchy throat – Dichlorobenzyl Alcohol + Amylmetacresol (Strepsils® Cool Sensation) Also available in other flavors Honey & Lemon, Orange, Sugar-Free, Extra Strong.
  • For moderate pain and irritated throat – Hexylresorcinol (Strepsils® Max) 
  • For severe, inflamed sore throat – Flurbiprofen (Strepsils® MaxPro) 


Strepsils is available in all leading drugstores nationwide, Lazada and Shopee. For more information, visit Strepsils Philippines Official Website.