BPO firm Sykes PH launches version 2.0 of its mobile app for employees

Sykes Philippines has rolled out a new version of its Sykes PH Mobile App. Designed and created exclusively for its employees, the 2.0 version of the app features a fresh and slick look, with integrated tools that facilitate a quick and easy way to access pertinent updates and links.

The new Sykes PH Mobile App is made to be faster and much more optimized. Its easier to use interface is intentionally decluttered and features a newsfeed that displays the latest company-wide announcements. ‘My Apps’ section features tools like the schedule viewer that helps ensure better accuracy when fulfilling schedule assignments and minimize disputes in salary computation.

“Communication is a core component of the success of our operations and with thousands of employees to manage, we really need to leverage on the modern capabilities of technology to keep in touch with all of them,” said Sykes APAC Senior Director Lia Lynn Marcos. “We made improvements to our previous app to keep it fresh and responsive to current needs and for a better overall experience that will keep ‘Sykesers’ entertained and connected to their colleagues.”

Sykes developed version 2.0 of its mobile app to allow the integration of more innovations and features in the future. It is carrying over some simplified features from its predecessor app like instant access to Human Resources policies, answers to frequently asked questions, and links to government websites. A gamification feature awards points to users for completing in-app tasks. Those points can translate to exclusive rewards and Sykes merchandise.

During the pandemic, the new Sykes PH Mobile App provides information and guidance from the management. The ‘Daily Health Checklist’ is an added precautionary measure to be observed before reporting to work to ensure safety during these times. There are Disaster Awareness Response Program advisories that are posted in the app during natural disasters and unforeseen circumstances to ensure the safety and security of users.

“Our main goal for the Sykes PH Mobile App is to turn it into a 24/7 one-stop source for tools that can help our employees manage their work-life and other related concerns. We have more exciting features in the pipeline that we plan to roll out in the coming months to continuously provide our employees with a world-class work experience,” said Marcos.