Stevie Awards for Great Employers lauds Sykes’ Covid-19 response

Stevie Awards for Great Employers has granted not just one but two recognitions to Sykes. The international award-giving body known for acclaiming competence across the business industry handed a Silver Stevie Award to the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry player for implementing the Most Innovative Work-From-Home Plan. At the same time, a Bronze Stevie Award was given to the company for its Most Innovative Workplace Redesign.

“We are grateful to have received recognition for our strong initiatives to maintain business as usual, while still ensuring the safety and securing the employment of our people in the face of the pandemic,” said Cecile May Venancio, Senior Director, Branding & Communications, APAC. “These awards attest to our organization’s values that are fundamental in making our business successful: speed and agility, our employees’ commitment, and the ability to operate well in challenging circumstances.”

The Stevie Awards for Great Employers also commended Sykes’ innovative work-at-home plan, where it deployed thousands of PC setups, including accessories, office chairs, and WiFi connection, to provide work-at-home access to about 12,000 employees.

The contact center also set up OneLeap, a one-stop-shop online portal where employees can learn best practices on how to easily transition to their new work environment. OneLeap offers master classes on remote work how-tos like managing a work-at-home team, documents on systems and platforms for telecommuting, documents needed when transitioning to the new work environment, and more. The portal also provides insights on other work aspects like management of client expectations, helping family members adapt to the setup, and gaining of operational insights.


Amid the nationwide quarantine that has prompted many businesses and organizations to temporarily halt operations, Sykes quickly transformed its full workforce for protection from health risks and secured employment. The BPO firm has been complying with international and national guidelines in its workplace redesign, implementing health measures across all its sites so its people can ease into the new normal.

Sykes has expanded its existing work-at-home plan to enable 75% of its workforce to work remotely. For those who have to report on-site, it has been offering free shuttle service and even temporary accommodations with strict sanitary and physical distancing regulations. All Sykesers have also been provided with Sykes care packages, which consist of face masks, face shields, and bottles of alcohol or hand sanitizer.